Saturday, June 4, 2011

Vacation Time

Hey everyone.

It's Vacation time.

Before I leave for my couple weeks of fun I will have one last go at things.

Just wanted to say before I write my thoughts, that I'm ready for the vacation, packed and headed out. Excited about going out, having fun, eating whatever, whenever and just not having to be too serious.

Just a couple of things I want to share before I get on that plane and start to party.

First of all, I just saw bridesmaids, if you haven't seen it then you must, it's really really funny, unlike the hangover 2 which was mostly disappointing. Just a small recommendation from me, saw it with a teammate and his wife, was really nice.

Anyways, I promised to talk a little basketball before I head out. As I wrote last week, I'm just about to sign a new contract after I finished a one year deal. It was a nice year, the first year on a team is never easy but the people were nice and that helped.

I don't know where it will be and if I will come back to the same team or a new one, but one thing that I can proudly share is that unless something crazy happens, I'm looking at the best contract I ever signed since going pro.

Again this is not the NBA and I won't be making millions, but If this does happen then it would be much more than I ever thought when I was a kid, which makes me feel good, who would have believed.

The way it works now is that my agent is in charge of everything, he gets the calls and makes the negotiating, sometimes I might speak with a coach that wants to ask some questions and to hear about my interest in playing for him.

I must say that for me it was never only about the money, but about being in a good situation, playing quality minutes and above all having fun.

This job doesn't last forever and I want more than Money to show for it, I want to have memories and have a smile on my face once in a while. I want to have stories of great times that I Could tell my family and hopefully my kids one day, that would mean a lot to me.

As for you, I wrote this before; you have become my close friends, the people I share the good and the bad with. The people that don't judge but listen and try 2 accept.

It might not sound real, but It's very important for me, every new follower makes me smile, every comment on the blog makes me see other things and get new perspectives.

I also have had a couple of friends become email pals, some keep me up to date on every gay issue, some ask and tell about their life and mine.

Some seek advice or just to want to tell me that my blog helped them, some complement me on what I'm doing, some try to find out my name or where I play.

I can only sum it up in one word THANKS.

Never thought I would last so long and I'm already waiting for next year.

For those who want to find me during the summer, I'm only one email away, feel free any time, rain or shine, I promise to reply.

So enjoy your summer, try 2 smile and I will try to write a little during the summer and promise to be here come September.

Till we meet again.