Monday, June 24, 2013

Six Months Later

Hey guys,

I know it's been a long time, maybe too long, around 7 months I see, but I always say better late than never.

As for me, i'm doing good, recovering from surgery, had shoulder season ending surgery pretty much earlier in the year and working everyday to get back to the court next year.

As for my love life, met a great guy that was visiting here during the season. I will probably go meet him during the summer, he is cute and nice and a lot of fun to be around, but we are each in our own world, so don't really know how that can work out. However I will try to enjoy myself with a great guy and what ever happens happens.

Besides that, of course I was really in to the whole Jason Collins story, I think its great and I hope that he gets a contract in the league. I think it's an amazing decision to do what he did, and from the people around the NBA that I talked to said only amazing things about him.

It would be very interesting to talk to him and hear his side of the story, but I haven't put too much effort into that, but maybe will try later on.

I think my life is summer completely different than a year or two ago, or even 7 months ago that I wrote last. I'm basically out, not publicly via newspaper or website, but in every other aspect i'm completely out, don't try to hide it or anything of the sort.

I have been thinking a lot about coming out in the last year, even before the Jason Collins story, it still might happen, just have to see how a couple of things work out during the summer. Sadly enough this kind of thing still can influence how things shape up contract wise and things of that nature.

Besides that just trying to recover from the Spurs losing the finals, but what can we do, guess sometimes it's just a matter of one rebound that decides a whole season.

Guess that's it, just wanted to give you a short update and to say hey.

Feel free to email if you want to say hey or anything else.

Take care.