Friday, April 27, 2012

It's Guest Time

Hey everyone, as some of you recommended before, I'm still trying to write from time to time.

It's been an interesting couple of months. Last time I wrote that I more or less gave up on the guy I met in the summer and that I never heard back. I actually heard from his roommate a couple of days later, she encouraged me to try again and not to give up.

We started texting again, but it was also on and off and I felt that it's not going anywhere. I decided to text him that I did everything I can, that I want him to come visit, that I will take care of the plane ticket and the other things, but he needs to decide what he wants.

I told him that any answer is fine and I will still think about him even if he decides not to come, but I need to know. He surprised me and told me that he wants to come. I told him that once we decide on the dates I will take care of everything.

Since that moment the on and off communication stopped and we talked almost everyday, there were some moments when I think he was a little nervous about taking time off from work with rent and bills and all the other things that every normal person deals with, but for the most time everything was going fine.

As the time for him to come got closer I became nervous and I wasn't really sure if he would make it or not, just because of our history and my need to worry. In the end he landed, it was really weird, or maybe overwhelming is the better word. I picked him up from the airport and was just a great feeling to see him.

He spent a little more then a week here, we went out to movies, to dinners, to clubs, site seeing, what ever we had time and energy to do. It was the first time I ever had someone live with me, even if it's just for a week, it was great and more fun than I could ever imagine.

We got to know each other some more, it was almost a year between his visit and the last time we met. And after all we are just getting to know each other. It was fun to kiss in the club or just sneak a kiss in the street when not too many people are around. The feeling in general was just great, I was really one happy camper.

We talked about the future and what were our options, as for now we decided to spend the summer together. I think I will fly out to him this time, and probably spend a large part of the summer over there.

As for now, it's been some time since he has left and the feeling is awful, we both really miss each other and have a hard time handling the fact that we can't really see each other. I'm really feeling it, it's just a terrible feeling and there is nothing I can do. I hope we will be able to stay in touch and manage to pass the time until the summer.

At the moment it just hurts and i'm guessing that he feels the same, but only time will tell. All in all it was great, but the after part is really hard, specially when we don't really know what we can do about it after the summer will be over, but will take it step by step.

Me being gay isn't really a issue to me anymore, I have told some of the staff members on my team, everyone was happy for me and they were happy I shared the news with them and that I trusted them. I think a long with going out and letting some people know, the rumors will come out by themselves, but I don't really mind. If I will be back here next year I guess it won't really be a secret anymore.

I feel great that I reached the stage that I feel comfortable to share the news with friends and co workers. It was important for me to also share the news with you guys, the same friends that I have had since I started the blog and have helped me out through some tough times.

So thanks again and have a great weekend.