Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Three Dates???

So, since I'm on the theme of vacation, I will go on with another story from my long gone vacation.

Earlier in the trip I went out to a place for the first time, it was a nice bar, recommended by a lot of magazines and guides. It was a big disappointment, the music wasn't the kind I liked and neither were the guys, which made me change my plans.

I looked up for another bar and in the end found it, most say it was much much better, the kind of crowd and the kind of music I like.

Before I go on, just remember that I go out alone, and in gay bars a lot of times it's hard for me in the beginning. I'm scared that if I will be nice, even just to a random guy that I may not like he will get the wrong idea.

So I most admit that I'm kind of a jerk when I got out, but I feel good about it. I feel good that I can choose to be nice only to the guys I want to be nice to, and I don't have a need just to be the nice guy of the party.

So anyways I was dancing and talking to a couple of guys in the place, even though I thought the best looking one was the bartender, but what can you do.

Around 3 am give or take the place started clearing out, I felt that the night wasn't over for me, so I headed to another and probably one of the last gay places in the area.

Once I walked in, the music was definitely not for me. I was getting ready to leave, but then I saw a really cute guy, I tried to catch his attention and I did, we talked. He also said that he was on the way out and gave me his number, side note, I never give my number to anyone I meet, guess that's me being paranoid.

We said will talk the day after and meet up, I left, went to grab a bite to eat and was ready to take a cab to my hotel, when cute guy walked in front of me, on the way to his car, from here to there he offered me a ride to my hotel.

Being the nice guy that I am of course I couldn't say no, we got to my hotel, made out a little bit in his car and decided to call it a night.

The day after I called him, from a pay phone of course :). We met up in my hotel room, fooled around and went to grab dinner, it was pretty awesome, just talking, sharing things and eating greecy food, keep in mind I didn't tell him anything too deep about me, aka my basketball or anything of the sort.

He dropped me off in my hotel and we called it a night, the day after happened something that hadn't happened to me yet, We talked and we met up again, that was definitely a first. Meeting a guy once or somehow twice was as far as I ever did on vacation, but with this guy it was like a short dating spree.

We went out to a club together, went to eat, fooled around some more and called it a night. Now I can say he was a cute guy and a charming one, maybe not the perfect guy for me or the one I will end up living with the rest of my life.

Still it was more or less the first time I went out with a guy for a couple of times ( except one guy I mentioned and isn't worthy of being mentioned again.) It was definitely interesting and fun. I had a hard time deciding if I should do it or not, cause I always had in my mind the possibility of not having fun and losing a precious night out, nights I don't have too many of.

In the end of the day it was a great experience, and a different one. thought I still get much more excited thinking and writing about the amazing guy from the previous blog, but I guess this might of shown me a little bit how real life works, well at least the real life I heard about.

I have this guy's email and I have found myself tempted to email him, but until no I haven't. When I'm not too depressed or horny I don't really see the point, since he's not the love of my life and chances are I will never see him again. Well that's more or less another vacation experience on my part.

P.S - I have been reading a lot of blogs from guys that follow mine, there are a lot of great one's out there, and I have been catching up on them. Also made a mistake forgetting one of my fellow bloggers and someone I got the chance and enjoyed talking through emails before, so if your out there or reading this, sorry about that and enjoyed catching up on your blog.

Be good you guys, who am I kidding, just make sure you go to sleep with a smile, if you can.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Handsome Devil

So, Guess I still owe some stories from my vacation.

I'm not one to kiss and tell, but some things need to be told. Towards the end of the vacation I went out to a nice pub for the second time during my vacation.

I was just starting to dance and enjoy myself when a cute guy came up to me, asked how I was and went his way. The first time I saw him he still had a jacket on, it was a little dark, so I was thinking that he is not a bad looking guy and kind of cute, but not something that I haven't seen before.

I continued to dance and look around, when after about half an hour and some late conversation with some guys the guy came up to me again, we started talking some more.

He was looking for a friend of his to get a drink, I volunteered to get him one, we talked some more and went outside and continued our conversation.

Outside it was a different story, he was a really good looking guy. Just the type I like, well built, but in a nice way, not something that's too much at least for my taste, a cute and young smile and can hold a conversation.

We continued talking and since the music wasn't as good as it was the last time I came we didn't see any point of going back in. After another drink and some more time going by he asked me if I wanted to go to his place.

It took me a long time to think about it, JK, In the last year or two when I go on vacation I tell myself that I want to have fun, but only with guys who I feel something for or think they are special, not just going around for the sake of going.

I guess this also has something to do with me feeling better about myself and appreciating myself, but with a guy like this it was a no brainer.

We walked to his apartment,wasn't a short walk so we got a chance to get to know each other a little bit.

Once we went up and he took his jacket off and we were in a lighted place he just looked really beautiful, maybe the best looking guy I met in my vacations and while having my gay side out to visit.

You can guess what happened after that, I just had a great time from the beginning to the end, besides looking great he was cute,caring and funny.

Since we both had some things to do in the early morning I left around the time the birds woke up. I needed to take a cab back to my hotel, but I just walked a little, enjoyed the beauty of the morning, the birds and all that romantic shit :).

Looking back now,I really wish I had the chance to meet up with him more than once, even for lunch or just a regular date, but there wasn't too much time left on my trip and I guess that's the price of my chase of glory and my basketball career.

The beginning of the year is always the hardest for me, besides the work itself that Is always very intense in this part of the season, I still have with me the memories of the summer, which are good on the one hand, but remind me what I will be missing out in the next 10 or so months of my life.

All this make this time the in between time that I mostly just miss my vacation.

Guess I'll call it a wrap for now, and if the beautiful guy I met on my vacation is reading this, feel free to email me, JK :).

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Another Go Around

So it's time, after a long summer it's time to get back to business.

I have so much to tell and so many stories from my summer, it was really amazing.
I couldn't ask for anything more, well besides more vacation time, more parties and more days to live a normal life during the year.

I won't go in to too many stories today, just a short and quick one, the first day I got to my destination I decided to go out, I couldn't wait already.

I must say that nothing can take that feeling away, the feeling I had just going out, dancing like crazy, drinking, getting hit on. I didn't want to leave and just thinking about it now makes me wish I could do it all over.

It was the best vacation I have had, not because I met more guys than usual, but just because I felt free to do what I want : dance, go wild, well guess it's called living.

After my vacation ended I started getting ready for the new season, working hard, weights, running, basketball and what ever is necessary to be in shape and do my job.

I feel great with basketball lately, It's treating me well. I can't say that I don't think about the things I'm missing and the life I'm not living, but I feel good in general.

I followed the gay Olympics through outsports, I hope maybe to take part in one of those before I drop dead and become slow and old :). There are a lot of good looking guys there, it seems something nice.

Well just wanted to get the second season of my blog going and I will tell you more stories soon enough, I have to say that the best part of the blog is the emails and the people I get the chance to talk to and hear the stories they have to share.

Hope that everyone had a good summer and things are looking up.