Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Another Go Around

So it's time, after a long summer it's time to get back to business.

I have so much to tell and so many stories from my summer, it was really amazing.
I couldn't ask for anything more, well besides more vacation time, more parties and more days to live a normal life during the year.

I won't go in to too many stories today, just a short and quick one, the first day I got to my destination I decided to go out, I couldn't wait already.

I must say that nothing can take that feeling away, the feeling I had just going out, dancing like crazy, drinking, getting hit on. I didn't want to leave and just thinking about it now makes me wish I could do it all over.

It was the best vacation I have had, not because I met more guys than usual, but just because I felt free to do what I want : dance, go wild, well guess it's called living.

After my vacation ended I started getting ready for the new season, working hard, weights, running, basketball and what ever is necessary to be in shape and do my job.

I feel great with basketball lately, It's treating me well. I can't say that I don't think about the things I'm missing and the life I'm not living, but I feel good in general.

I followed the gay Olympics through outsports, I hope maybe to take part in one of those before I drop dead and become slow and old :). There are a lot of good looking guys there, it seems something nice.

Well just wanted to get the second season of my blog going and I will tell you more stories soon enough, I have to say that the best part of the blog is the emails and the people I get the chance to talk to and hear the stories they have to share.

Hope that everyone had a good summer and things are looking up.


  1. Glad you enjoyed yourself. Can't wait to hear some of the juicy detail.

  2. Great to hear you had a fun summer!! Looking forward to season 2!