Monday, July 2, 2012

End Of Vacation Part 2

When it was time to close up something small happened to me, that can symbolize my whole trip and my situation in the "dating world". There was a really gorgeous guy that I saw at the bar a couple of nights before and didn't say anything, but this time, I went to say hey and he was cute and nice, we talked and then I continued talking to my friends, he told me not to leave without saying goodbye.

Anyway when the bar closed I waited for my friend that worked there to come out and say goodbye, in the meanwhile that guy came out and started talking to me, said that he is sad that I'm leaving and it's too bad that we just talked now, he gave me a hug and then started kissing me and he was amazing, cute, great smile and great body and we continued kissing.

He said that I'm BF material and not someone he just wants to hook up with, usually I don't look for those instant hookups, but it was my last night and he was really great looking so I wanted it to happen. He continued kissing me and I was telling him that we can go back to my place and so on and so on. He said he can't hook up with me and that he really likes me, for more then that.

Now I'm not a kid and i know that some guys say that just to get out of the situation, but the thing was that he continued kissing me and didn't want to leave, it was great and kind of a annoying situation at the same time. 

Of course in the end he went home and I went home, just not to the same home. I feel like this is really a good image of all my issues with guys, that somehow I feel attracted to those who can't give me what i want, I guess at this point I'm looking for those guys.
 It's hard to deal and accept a lot of times, but this trip and seeing how I was hit on by so many people and never liked any of them, besides maybe one that also didn't turn out to be too useful and at the other end getting turned down basically by every guy that I approached, granted I didn't go up to too many guys, but I already knew what was going to happen before I even tried.

It hurts me but I'm still optimistic that i will work on the things that need to be worked and that I will get to the situation that I meet someone that I like and that really wants to be with me, i'm sure that I'm not going to give up just yet.

All in all it was an interesting vacation, still feel bad that Tom skipped out and I  couldn't spend time with him, cause he is as close as I got to a good relationship and maybe he is the max that i'm able to handle at this time of my life.
But meeting all the staff from the bar and having so much fun will always be in my heart, they were amazing and it was just great to be there every night, I already miss them all.

In other news, I signed an extension and I'm going back to the same team that I played for last year, which will make everything easier since management and coaches and everyone knows. I also know the city already, so I can go out and try to have fun and meet some nice guys. There is a lot of work towards the new season, but I feel like coming out and telling people will also help me with basketball, but only time will tell.

Thanks again for those who still follow me an have the patience to read even though I don't publish too many things in the last months, hope all is well with everyone..


  1. glad you had a good vacation and congrats on the extension! im sure you will have a great upcoming year!

  2. Closet here (I didn't sign in, don't remember my password)---I Just caught up on your summer vacation, felt frustrated for you too but I think that the route of making friends is probably more value then a hookup or two, but we're all human and want to bust a nut or understand your frustration. I guess looking back, it's amazing all the bs I was told that didn't really come to fruition after the fact (after the hookup more like it). So I guess it's good to take things with a grain of salt. Congrats on your extension. Hope you have a great upcoming season. I hope you find a mate too!