Monday, November 1, 2010

Obama and DADT

Hey, hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of a new week.

First of all, I was asked what do I think about I.A and if he still has it.I'm pretty sure it's going to be very interesting, I think he will control his team and probably be very dominate.

With the style of play overseas he is bond to attract a lot of attention, including a lot of double ups and things of that nature, so
I guess it's up to him and the way he decides to play, but it's going to be interesting, and that I can grantee.

leaving basketball for a second. I was reading a couple of articles about Barak Obama and him being in office for two years.

I haven't gotten the chance to write about it too much, and I'm sure everyone has a different opinion and what they think he has done
right and what he has failed to do.

For me the first main thing is that the things expected of him were just too many, people thought that he is going to change the world
and the U.S in five minutes and basically be a magician.

We all know that this is more wishful thinking than reality, but I do support a lot of things that he has done.

I think his reform in health care is something major, the fact that families with financial problems and no money for medical insurance
can now be able to afford more things and be able to take care of their family in a better way says enough by itself.

I know that there are a lot out there that make a good living and have a lot of money and they feel like it's not their problem.

And they are angry that they have to pay more tax in order to finance the health care reform, but it's not a big sum and I see no
wrong in people that are making more than 200,000 having to pay a little more in order to help the less fortunate.

I can't say that I know exactly every little detail about the reform, but I can just say that I'm happy it's happening.

If we take the gay subject, I feel like things are also moving in the right direction, at least the things I heard about. If we take DADT
and the change that is happening around it, from the possibility of trying to find a better solution until the decision that allows openly
gay men to join the army.

I know that the pentagon is still against the decision that was just made by the courts and that people say that gay men should still be
careful before declaring their sexuality, because if the decision might be reversed they will have a problem since they are out in the

But the fact that the DADT was up for discussion and the concept of changing the policy is already a move in the right step in my book. I
met a gay guy two years back that his dream was to be in the army and even though it's not a done deal yet.

The first thing that came to mind when I read about the court's decision was that same guy that just wanted to be in the army and might have the option to do it.

I just read about a survey that was taking in the army, where most soldiers said they wouldn't object to surviving with gay men.

I believe that besides the fact that it's always good to hear things of that nature, the bottom line is that people who want to fight for
their country need to be able to do so without anyone caring about
their sexual preferences.

I must admit that I don't know all the information and I might be missing out on some of the things around the subjects I mentioned,
but I'm just writing down the general feeling that I have.

I for one was happy when Obama was elected and I still believe that he can do good for this nation. It wasn't easy starting off with the
financial crisis, but I'm still optimistic that things will change for the good, but only time will tell.

P.S - I still hope the Heat lose as often as possible, something
bothers me about a team with so many starts, LOL


  1. Working in the Pentagon, I can tell you firsthand that political appointees are more interested in seeing DADT repealed than military leaders. My workplace is particularly homophobic and, honestly, I doubt it's different elsewhere. You're right about the survey...interesting point: studies show no undue effects of openly gay people serving in the UK military (no surprise really). I've served with several closeted men, all excellent people.
    Go [any team playing against Miami]!!! You can do it! Loved the way the C's beat up on the Heat in the season opener.

  2. I agree with you about Obama. He's been too conservative for my taste and appointed way too many Clinton retreads, but even so has gotten some major legislation passed, stopped the economy from going into a depression, and been much better on domestic policy than any president since the first couple years that LBJ was in office.

    As for the Heat, I have no problem with pro athletes playing for any team that wants them. Nobody criticizes employees in any other industry or business for working for the company that they want to work for. Nobody says that Google or IBM or GE can't hire all the talented employees that they're able to get. The owners of professional teams have too much, not too little, control over the employment choices of their employees (the players).

  3. I think what has caused the backlash agains Obama is the democratic's party's desire to pass Health Care when the people in the country didn't want it. If you remember, many of the congressman said they haven't even read the bill. Obama gave Senators millions to buy the votes needed for the bill. Citizens were outraged and tomorrow you are going to witness the results. I voted for Obama, but he really was not a know quantity and I feel now the votes know him and they don't like what they know about him. You mentioned about people not having coverage available prior to this bill. That is not correct. Many people come to emergency rooms and they cannot be turned away and don't end up paying for treatment. Those cost are added to the hospital's expenses. The former Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Alan Greenspan, told the new media if the projections on this bill are higher than the government projected this bill alone will bankrupt the US by 2020. Do you believe the government can do anything on budget!! Case and point.. Enjoy your blog..

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  5. Hey Drew, I would rather the US go bankrupt providing healthcare for its citizens,then providing it for the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, and maybe soon Iran! This notion that the U.S. would ever go bankrupt is ridiculous and its been used to scare people, it will never happen!

    This mid-term election will be interesting, Republicans wont be able to simply say no, because they will have control of at least one branch of government and I believe the American people will not stand for gridlock! So as a President Obama strong supporter, I'm not worried about today's election, I'm more worried about the economy recovering in time for 2012!!

    I am hopefully that Congress will repeal Dont Ask Dont Tell, in the lame duck session after the elections and this issue will forever be gone!

    And Go Bulls!!