Monday, October 25, 2010

Just Basketball

So, to change things up a little bit I will make this post a basketball post. Some people wanted to know more, so I will talk about what happens on a team on the day to day level and some basketball related subjects, because all of us are also sports fans in the end of the day, or at least most of us are.

I don't think I mentioned this before or maybe just in small details, but my team and most teams overseas practice around nine times a week, which includes the games, but we also have video meetings, where we scout the other team, or see parts of our games and things of the sorts.

We also have team practices in the weight room, where we work along with the trainers according to the program that they decide is the best for every player.

Most admit that on the video side, sometimes it gets really boring and really long, but it's something you have to do and something you have to watch, even if you don't feel like it.

Once the season gets underway, which it already has, the practices change somewhat, in the beginning and in training camp building towards the beginning of the year, the coaches and trainers take more time out of practice to focus on condition and to build the players individual shape.

As season goes on we usually work more on things that have to do with the team, if it's the fast break game, half court D and O, full court press and so on. Not like the N.B.A most teams overseas play more zone defense, and match up zones,and things of that nature comparing to the N.B.A which is mostly man to man defense.

Also over here the game also has parts which are mostly individual skill and a one on one game, but usually there is more of a team concept and the offensive game looks different.

The things we play on offense have more ball movement and more movement without the ball, screens, pick and rolls and so on. While the N.B.A plays more one on one offense and you see less team work, at least in my opinion.

I already mentioned earlier in my posts, that the crowd overseas is different, the fans are more fanatic and more in to the game, while in the U.S.A usually the fans are more in the business of clapping their hands and enjoying the hot dog that they just bought, JK.

And last but not least, I'm not sure who read about it, but A.I- Allen Iverson is about to sign with a team overseas, if he does so it will be really interesting to see what impact he will have on the game and on his team, it will sure be interesting.

Guess that's about it for this time, hope everyone is ready for the beginning of the N.B.A tomorrow, hope it will be a interesting season.


  1. What do you think of Allen Iverson? He grew up in my area and it appears he has had some alcohol issues of late. Do you think he still has it? I wonder why he just wouldn't retire. Your thoughts? Enjoy your blog.

  2. In the 2010 FIBA world championships, U.S. pro b'ball players proved they can adapt to FIBA-style play and, more importantly, win. While it wasn't ultimate team play, it was much closer to FIBA-style b'ball than ever before. FIBA zone defenses offset 1-on-1 play and demand greater team b'ball. U.S. pro players can adapt if they are challenged or motivated.
    As for AI, my gay friend went to H.S. with him at Bethel in the early 90s. AI was abusive then, and he is abusive now. His personal life is a mess right now.