Sunday, November 28, 2010

Shirtless On Facebook

First of all I would like to wish everyone a belated happy thanksgiving, better late than never I guess.

I for one enjoyed watching a couple of N.F.L games and just enjoy a quite night. I'm also looking forward to next Thursday, when Lebron comes back to Cleveland. I know I'm going to stay up for that one.

I had a day off last week and had the chance to spend some time on facebook, and it got me thinking. It brought to my head thoughts about the "typical" out gay man.

I can't define the type to small details, but i took a look at a lot of profiles of gay guys.

Not because it was research, but because, I'm gay, I'm a guy and there are a lot of hot guys on facebook, none of them will get a friends request for me, but nobody said I can't at least take a look and enjoy.

While I was enjoying myself, I started thinking a little bit about the "typical" out gay. I think that there is much more pictures of shirtless guys, or guys wearing almost nothing that are gay.

They label themselves as interested in men than straight guys that are shirtless. Again, it's not that I'm judging, i think that there is just something when you are gay and out, again, it's not everyone, and i don't want to categorize, but it's just easy to see for the most part, at least on facebook.

I think that there are a lot of gay guys that are out and feel that being gay is already different and radical in a way, compared to the bigger percentage of the population that they feel it's easier to be more daring or more straight forward than most people.

In general a lot of guys that are out feel that they already pushed the boundaries so they just go with it. In my opinion a lot of the things are cool and acceptable, it's not like anyone has to check gay guys profiles if they don't want.

Basically my thing is that it's just different a lot of times, what gay guys and also girls allow themselves, there are just more out there and power to them. (we are here and we are queer :),

The only problem I have is when being out turns into a problem towards those who aren't. I can respect and understand guys who don't want to date or go out with guys in the closet, and unfortunately it has also happened to me once, but that's fine and that's a legitimate decision just like any other relationship decision,

However when being out means you have to out anyone you know that is gay just because you are out, that's when the problem starts, at least for me. There are those who feel that gays have to be out and have to show the strength of the community and that they aren't ashamed of being gay.

Those same people, at least in my book are fanatics, that don't care about anyone but themselves and can't accept that people have their reasons for staying in the closet and that it's their damn right to do so. They see the world as black and white with no gray in the middle, its either you are gay and then everyone needs to know or your straight.

Especially I hate how there are always talks about famous people. whether in sports, music or television who might be gay and how gay groups or the kind of people, that I just mention have a desire to bring those people out to make the gay community good luck, again, with no care about their reasons and their life,

I can sum it up with one sentence, all you got guys that are shirtless on facebook, I just got one thing to say, THANK YOU....


  1. I liked the "Victim" tshirts. But got bored with it after a quarter. I guess the fact the Heat blew them out took away some of my interest. That whole arena needed an anti-depressant.

  2. Oops, I posted this in the wrong column Baller! Oh well, I'll add, I love shirtless pics and facebook does provide some good boredom killing interest from me due to the shirtless pics in abundance. I'm a fan of the bare chest look!