Friday, December 3, 2010

Lebron's Visit

Just wanted to add a short post about Lebron's game in Cleveland last night. I was ready to go yesterday and was wondering how the fans will behave and what the reaction will be.

No one can say whether Lebrons decision is going to bring him a title and what the results will be, but everyone can say that the way he made his decision was terrible.

Basically he humiliated the whole city and organization of Cleveland on national TV. I personally thought that the decision was bad, but the way he carried out was just horrendous,And even Lebron admits to it now.

The fans and the whole city was furious, I loved the Lebron toilet paper, the bring a Lebron jersey get a free bear and many more nice ideas that I won't repeat now.

so of course i was sitting at home and waiting for the game, well, fuck the game. Was waiting for the fans to react to Lebron stepping on the court. When he did his thing before the game the crowd was booing him with all they had, and also in the beginning when he got the ball.

afterwards things slowly calmed down and Lebron had a great game, even more than great, he was outstanding, being a big part of the Heat just killing the Cavs, and so his part came to an end and he could leave smiling.

However, while Lebron kept the deal from his side, came in and gave a show, I was very disappointed from the other side. I expected so much more from the Cavs fans, after all the shit they felt they were given, I was going for much more than a loud boo and some signs..

I don't mean anything violent or out of order, BUT, I thought it would be different. Much crazier, much more creative, much more memorable, but I was wrong. I guess our American mentality can only bring us so far, just the same us the usual crowds in a normal game.

The same situation overseas would just be so different and much more intense, it's hard to explain. The fans would just go crazy and it would be a long night for that same player, from songs, to cursing, to many more things, but I guess each place and his traditions..

For now we will stay with our mentality, you can hate it or love it, but that's the reality of things.

Enjoy the weekend...


  1. Nice, I am glad we are on the same page about this one.

  2. Yeah I'm really glad things didn't go too crazy. Good thing the administration had the foresight to provide extra security for the players.

  3. The only thing LeLoser cares about is that the world revolves around him, which is ok because there's no championship coming to Miami now or EVER with him on the team.
    CG is right. More craziness in Cleveland was prevented because of heightened security otherwise the arena might have been burned down with LeQueen in it.
    As for the humiliation, LeBrainless has NEVER apologized or asked forgiveness, and he never will. Why? Because it's not in him to do it.