Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy Birthday

Well, I guess I should wish myself a happy birthday, or at least to my blog, it’s one year old. Still innocent, cute and sure that the world will turn out fine, little does he know.

I don’t want to make this my post of the week, and I wouldn’t write about it if not for the fact that in the beginning I didn’t really know where this blog was going and I wasn’t sure that I would make it a year, but I did.

I just wanted to say that I feel great to have this tool to speak my mind and hear from others, something that I didn’t think possible before. I have met a lot of new friends, even if it’s email buddies.

I have been exposed to a lot of knowledge about the gay community and the gay world that I wouldn’t have been exposed to if not for this blog.

I can honestly say that this blog changed me and helped me develop as a person and as a gay individual, I also got the chance to get things that were on my mind in to the open and it sure did feel great.

So again, thanks to all of you that are following and let me into your little internet world, thanks for those posting comments and for those emailing me, it’s a real pleasure and hope to see you on the blogs next birthday also.


  1. So, you're sure that your blog is a boy?

  2. Haha, happy birthday! I hope your little boy keeps growing old and old. Greetings.

  3. Enjoy your blog. Happy Birthday!!

  4. Happy Anniversary to you and your blog. Been reading your blog for quite some time now. Keep on blogging. :)