Friday, March 11, 2011

New Comers

Hey again, hope everyone is enjoying the weekend.

We have had a couple of new comers to the seen, one of them being Stevin Davies, the cricket player from england. I read about this story a week ago when it just got published, of course I and others always welcome gay athletes that decide to come out and face reality.

I read a lot of articles on Davies and a little of the English tabloids and their thoughts. You already know that I support any athlete that comes out and I always think its welcome, I do believe again that it's a much different story than the four major sport games in the world which are for the matter the NBA,NFL,MLB/NHL and Soccer.

One of the British writers talked about the welcome act of Davies, but also mentioned that unlike other British athletes who are more famous and have a much bigger international profile his case won't or isn't likely to cause a big echo. Mainly because of the fact that he is a much lower profiled athelete in a much less profiled sports, at least with the tolerance of people towards it.

I have to admit i'm no cricket fan and don't really know too much about the game, but I would think that it would be less homophobic. That it carries in general a different crowd that might be more tolerant or might just look at the game or the people that play it a little different.

Besides that we also have Anton Hysen,the soccer player that came out and announced that he is gay, and again, it's a great thing and it's always welcomed, but as for a story or for it being a major event? I have to say not really, at least not in my opinion.

As much as all of us want someone high profiled to come out and lead the charge of the gay man in sports, this is not really the address. I don't know anything about Anton, besides the facts, and while i'm not saying he is a great, good or average soccer player, we need to look at the facts, he is playing in the fourth division in Sweden.

That just means that its somewhat of a amateur league of the sort. I think that it might be compared to minor league baseball and I would rate it even lower than AA baseball. I don't want to come off as a asshole or someone that looks to put down people and the movement of gays in sports forward, but the truth is that that level of soccer is probably like I said before not even pro

Anton might be a great player, but in the level that he is today it doesn't really make a splash or any kind of story and I think that the reason he got headlines is because his dad used to be a footballer in the English league.

I have a friend that always says he doesn't want or need the mid level players to be the one coming out, but rather just one big named athlete to tell the world he is gay and it will start changing things. I hope he is right and I hope that the day a big player in one of the 4-5 sports I talked about comes forward, but for the meanwhile we will settle for the feel good stories and wait to see what the future holds in the gay sports.


  1. I think that Hysen's only 20 years old. I suppose/hope there's some chance that he can improve enough in the next 2 or 3 years to make it into the major leagues of pro soccer.

  2. Let's not forget Justin Fashanu, a former British soccer striker, who came out in 1990 and end up committing suicide (hanging) in 1998. He was tormented by his peers, fans, the press, etc. Of course, he had other personal problems, but the verbal abuse he endured eventually took its toll.

  3. I think Steven Davies coming out is a major turning point as unlike most NFL/NHL/MBL/NBA sports men, he will be touring to coutries like Pakistan etc. where being gay isn't exactly welcomed.