Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Locker Room

Hey everyone, hope all is well.

Is everyone excited like me for the start of the MLB today? I'm taking a wild guess that the answer will be no.

In any case, I just witnessed something in our locker room around two-three weeks ago and I thought it was right to share it with everyone.

One of our teammates started talking about gay guys, after they mentioned that one of the NBA stars has to be go, because he runs like one and for that reason also there is no chance that his team will win a championship.

The conversation just got worse all the time, from talking about the fact that two guys kissing is disgusting, to just bad mouthing anything that has to do with being gay.

Later they moved to talking about what would happen if they had gay kids and how they would react. Some tried to explain that they won't not treat or love their kids any less, but at the same time said that they wouldn't allow their son and bf to come in to their house, which is a little like condoning your son for what he is, isn't it?

Some tried to explain that they wouldn't be able to love their kids the same if they were gay, almost everyone agreed that they wouldn't let their kid and bf kiss in their presence, while most said they won't allow them to come together to their house.

Others said that they would go to their son's house and meet his bf also. They also talked about how if they found out a friend of them was gay it would change everything, even if it would be a long time friend.

There was one or two players that tried to send just a little different, not too much, but they were a little more accepting and much less homophobic.
No need to say that I didn't take part in that conversion.

There was no need to raise suspicion and I also have no doubt that what they say and think is so off from what I feel and that there is no way I would change their mind, so better off just leaving like nothing happened.

I cant say that I felt great after all that talk, usually those things don't bother me too much, but that time it was a little different. Again, it doesn't make me change any thoughts or feelings that I had.

I'm not the least worried about those specific people/players, cause I have no doubt that besides one player there is no chance I would stay friends with any of my teammates after my career.

Just to make it clear, not because they are homophobic or not, but because I don't feel that I share too many things with them anyway, just a common goal of succeeding on the floor and bringing our team as much success as possible.

On another note, I'm waiting for the final four that is just around the corner, don't know about you, but i'm a Butler fan this weekend.


  1. I'm definitely glad baseball season is here. As for that conversation, your teammates are extreme morons. You have to handle your situation the way you feel is best, but anyone who says a certain player is gay because "he runs like one" is so stupid that they shouldn't be allowed to reproduce.

  2. Hey Baller! Interesting post. First off, yep, I'm very glad baseball season is's a great time with the Final 4 and MLB. I didn't make it out to spring training like I planned but maybe next year. It's for real now.

    As to the locker room conversation, I'm not surprised. I've noticed that in settings like that, it can get pretty bad. Group jock homophobia is maybe the worst other then the violent types. But I'd almost be willing to bet if you get the guys one on one, they for the most part soften their stances a little to maybe even a lot. But in that group dynamic, it's just meathead talk. But it can bother me a little too even though I know what the deal is for the most part. And I can understand why you could do without hearing all that nonsense. It all amounts to a pile of crap what they were saying because all bets would be off as they vent their various views of nonsense over some situation that if they did encounter, would certainly be way more real then they it is spouting off in a locker room. Why it comes up as often as it does is what puzzles me. If they're truly straight, don't they have better stuff to talk about then the what if's of being gay?

    I'm with you on Butler, sure wish they could've beat Duke last year. Maybe they'll get it done this year. What an amazing achievement by that school to do it from where they were seeded.

  3. I'm sure some it really is just part of the talk they think they should be talking when in a group of guys, particularly in this setting. For most of those guys, and everyone else, you never really know just how you would deal or react to that type of situation till your in it.

  4. It's sad to hear this. Wanted to share an article about University of Miami hockey team- not all locker rooms are the way you are describing. Let's hope it continues to get better- but really the only way it does is with people continuing to speak up for things that are wrong.

  5. Last night at a Laker's game Kobi got pissed and called a ref a "fuckin' faggot." That doesn't bother me. In the heat of the game, just about anything goes. What's interesting is what Charles Barkley said.

    ".... Bryant should have been more cautious with his words on the court, TNT analyst Charles Barkley said.

    "I'm a big pro-gay-marriage person; I have a bunch of gay friends who I hope can get married some day, so I'm a little bit sensitive," Barkley said. "But I'm not going to go overboard. You have to just be careful what you say with stuff like that."

    Pretty cool, uh?