Thursday, July 7, 2011

Middle Of The Summer - Part 2

Moving on, I decided to call him the next day, It wasn't that I felt like I was in love or that it was something so strong, but I enjoyed his company.

I called him, he told me that he was working until the afternoon, but that he will stop by after that. He said he will get there around 5, and of course I never give my phone number, so when it became six, I called to see what's up with him, he told me he didn't remember where the hotel was and that he was just walking around, lol.

After he found me at last, we want out to eat, it was nice and really fun, I usually have a problem going out to dinners or things like that with someone that is gay, I guess after all the years of paranoia, it sinks in. However, it was really nice and really fun, we ended up walking around the city a little bit and then grabbed a cab back to my hotel.

I was been difficult with him about PDA, but he understood that I'm not out and was cool with it. At this point he still didn't know what I do and what's my name, I just gave him the regular cover story that I always do, and I have to mention has improved with the years.

Anyway, he stayed the night again and then went off to work, he was a real cute guy and I started really enjoying his company, not to mention that it was another night that I didn't go out, but rather spent time with him.

The following day he stopped by after work again, we went to dinner and actually met up with one of his girlfriends which was nice, after that we all went to a movie, was nice and was also dark, so it was nice holding hands and things of that nature. After the movie he said he rather go back home, since he hasn't been there for the last three days, I tried changing his mind, but that didn't work.

Forgot to mention that at this point I told him my name and what I do, I felt safe with him and of course him and basketball wasn't a great match, so there was nothing to worry about, he was even cute enough to stay up with me one night and watch one of the N.B.A games, even though he could care less.

He was working a lot and till late hours, so we sometimes would meet just towards the late hours, around 10 and such and he usually would be tired, so we would just walk around, eat something and spend time together. This went on for a couple of days.

I always write about meeting the wrong guy and meeting assholes, that just make me run around and feel bad about myself. I mentioned that I thought it won't change and that this is a pattern that I'm doomed to follow.

At this point I was starting to feel differently, he was a great guy that always did the max to meet up with me, coming even after working from the morning till the evening and was always nice and warm and never made me feel like I had to convince him to show up, to go out, or to do anything.

The best part of our time together, at least for me was the cuddling, he was so cute and I always felt great with him. Usually I don't like that too much and it bothers my sleep, but with him I didn't even mind to sleep less, if it was just to enjoy his company.

After enjoying our days together, it became a routine and a great one, spending the day with someone and just being happy, but nothing lasts I guess and this was no different.

He called me late at night, telling me that he just finished working and is really tired and we might just be better meeting the following day, I didn't mind too much, he has been trying as hard as anyone can. The next day he worked again all day and our meeting was cancelled.

I didn't think too much of it at the time, but after I didn't hear from him the next day, I started to understand that something was wrong, he didn't answer my text or my call and I didn't hear from him for the next two days.

I started feeling bad at that point, not physically, but my emotions were getting the better of me and I was feeling like crap, I decided at some point that the only thing I can do as go out and try to enjoy the last couple days of my vacation.

I want out to that same bar, tried to have fun, wasn't really like before, I guess I was really hurt, no reason to go into too many details about that night, nothing that made me feel any better came out of it.

See you on part 3 in a couple of minutes :)

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