Thursday, July 7, 2011

Middle Of The Summer - Part 1

Well, it wasn't planned or anything, as always didn't think about writing will I'm at home and not during season time, but had to share with you a little of my summer. To be honest, there aren't too many people I can tell this to, so I guess you are the chosen ones.

First of all, I will just say that i'm close to signing the deal I wanted and told you about, it will happen in the next ten days, if nothing surprising will happen. I feel great about it and about the opportunity that has been given to me, but that's not what i'm here for.

Writing this now will probably take some of the ideas I had for the beginning of the season, but I'm sure I will find something else to write about.

As any year in the last few years, after the season is over and before I sit back at home resting and getting ready for the new season I went on my yearly vacation.

I got in on a Monday evening, I was tired, but decided to go out anyway, it was nice, always nice after such a long time. I had a drink and danced a little, not too much, but just a little bit, again, it's so fun after such a long time that I didn't see a reason to wait too long.

I actually saw a nice looking guy dancing near me. I decided not to make a move and just to see how things play out, after a while he came up to me and we started talking and dancing, he was a nice and good looking guy and it was a great way to start my vacation, so I defiantly felt great after arriving there.

The next night I went out, had fun, danced and just relaxed, I got hit on, but there was no one I really liked so I didn't see any reason to go back to my hotel just for the sake of it, so I just grabbed some junk food on the way back and went to my hotel.

On my third night out I went to a nice local bar that I found, was small and crowded but with my kind of music, so it was great. After an hour or so, I saw a cute looking guy, he passed by me and stopped and looked at me and I did the same, but since I really had to use the bathroom I just smiled and stayed in the same place I was.

After 20 minutes or something like this he walked next to me and stopped to talk, we were talking about why none of us stopped to talk before, nothing major, was just some small talk, he was really cute, after a while we decided to leave together.

My hotel wasn't to far from the bar, didn't know that before, but that was nice to find out. He stayed the night and left for work in the morning, I took his number, I got the feeling he didn't think I would call, but I did, and from there on, a roller coaster started.

Since I don't want to write such a long post, I will just split it up to a couple of parts and you can decide when to read.

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