Thursday, August 18, 2011

Seeing The World

Hey everyone, look at me go, writing posts left and right.

I just learned about the training camp that me and my team are headed to this year, so I decided to use this opportunity to tell you a little bit about my travels during the years.

Playing overseas gave me the chance to visit and go to places I never thought in my life that I would get the chance to visit.

Even though it's not really a visit since we don't spend more then 2-3 days in each country/city it's still something I can tell my grandchildren when I'm gray and old.

I have been in so many countries, so many shitty hotels, but also in really nice ones. I have seen great arenas and some that I rather forget.

Great games and great memories, terrible flights that you rather be practicing for five more hours than sitting on a plane on the red eye, so tired and uncomfortable That you can barely take it.

But also flights that your heart is so full of joy after a great game that you don't care about anything. That you feel on top of the world after a great game and a great win for your team that it's worth it all.

I have been almost everywhere already, almost no country left unvisited, no major city left untouched, it's something I will always treasure, at least looking back.

A lot of the times the visit itself isn't that great, but the memories are. Most of the visits contain a lot of food, a lot of gym time and games, not a lot of sightseeing, but just enough to remember where I was.

Besides that I'm doing well, feeling good about the places I'm going and where my life is headed, guess today was a good day.

I was asked here, if because of the strike I will get the chance to play against N.B.A players. well, I can just say that I played with players that played for a few if not more years in the N.B.A. I played against players that had a good N.B.A career and I'm going to play against some more because of the lockout, always nice I have to say.

Enjoy the weekend and your day

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  1. hey man, first time reading your blog. started mine about the same time as you but just now coming across yours for some reason. i've been readin most of your posts trying to catch up and thats so sick your playin at such a high level! congrats on all your success! you have an email by chance? mine is if you dont want to post yours and you dont have to email me if you dont want too, i just wanted to ask some other questions…take care man