Friday, November 25, 2011

Is It Over?

Hey everyone, hope you are enjoying thanksgiving and spending time with your families.

On my daily checkup on Afterelton and Advocate I stumbled on a ad for marriage equality :

I have to admit that it was touching and get me a little emotional in the end, underneath all the muscles and testosterone I have to admit that i'm a very emotional person and I don't need too much to get all excited and be on the verge of crying.

Of course it's obvious how the end will play out, at least when you know what website it's on, but it brings me again to think about all those people who have nothing better to do than hate others and condom the way others chose to live their life rather then focus on their own life.

I know it sounds too simple, but we can always hope that maybe something will change down the line, even though people will always continue on hating.

It's not really relevant, but have any of you thought about what happens after we die? I mean do we just end our visit on this planet and basically vanish for eternity, I mean that sounds like the truth and the logical explanation, at least in my book and my religious views, but I think we are all kind of hoping that there is something more to life and the afterlife, if anyone knows, let me know, LOL.

On my last post I wrote about the perfect BF, after thinking about it a little bit, I came to the conclusion that it might be what I hope for in my mind and in my thoughts, but I think it all comes to the sexual attraction in the end. I mean when I and I think most of us see someone we feel something for him or we don't, if we do, we can build on that and see what happens, but if we don't, well then I guess we can end up being friends at the most.

I have to be honest, I enjoy writing and I think about this blog a lot, but I don't have as much to go on as I used to, I mean, I don't do too much during the season besides play basketball and I pretty much share what comes into my mind when something interesting happens.

I can understand that there are less comments and the blog looks or feels a little on the verge of going under. This blog has brought me a lot of friends and a lot of inner peace, it might be time to call it a day. For now I'm still thinking about it and writing once a week. If I feel it's time to end things I will do it in a organized way, that's for sure, but in the meanwhile just want to thank everyone again, you and everything here changed a lot of things in my life.

Enjoy your weekend.


  1. I hardly ever get comments on my blog. I don't worry about it. Some people read it. Not millions, but a few. Sure, it would be nice to have more readers and comments. But in the end my blog is as much a way for me to express myself as it is anything else, so I keep on blogging.

  2. please don't stop. You're too good. I look forward to your posts

    About the life after question. Personally, I think we go through too much to just turn off the switch and call it quits. Either we continue on with more of the same or, my favorite, I'm a messenger and somebody, somewhere is waiting for me so they can continue on with whatever it is they're doing.

    As for looks and boyfriends., Well, for me, it was certainly the case. I saw this really handsome, good-looking kid (he was 25, I was 30) in the bar and he thought I was kinda cute, in a sexy way too. We started talking, went home together and that was 30 years ago. Had we not be sexually attracted it would have never happened Each of us was exactly the type the other one liked.

  3. I'm not religious so the most logical possibility for me would be a return to the same nothingness that existed before we were born. I think real immortality comes from whatever impact you leave on the world, however large or small.

    As for the number of comments, I agree with Joe.

  4. I can agree with B, I guess we go from nothing to this life and back to nothing (I'm not religious neither). The only way to survive after you die is in peoples memories. Having that in your mind, it's in THIS life you have to take the bull by the horns and fulfill your dreams, I wouldn't count on getting a second chance.

    For comments I'm in the same boat. But on this post you've got already more posts than I ever got on one. And I'm reading your blog a while now, but don't have always the time to comment, because if I do post a comment, it has to make sense and not just saying 'hi' or 'awesome'. It isn't needed that there's much going on in your life to make your blog interesting, I enjoy reading about your thougts as much.

  5. Hey, I've been reading your posts for a while but never took the time to leave a comment, so I just wanted to say that I really enjoy reading your posts. I'm not an athlete, I'm just a college student who's been struggling to find another masculine gay guy to have a relationship with. It's funny you say that it all comes down to sexual attraction, because I've just met this guy, and with us it's all purely physical, but I'm having trouble getting emotionally attached to him. I think emotional connection is also a big part of it.