Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Perfect Boyfriend

Hey everyone, hope all is well.

As for me, Things are pretty much the same, working hard, and enjoying basketball, well at least most of the time. We started playing in all competitions a couple of weeks ago, so there are more games, more flights and more games that are in other countries, some better places and some places that i wouldn't go on vacation to, but then again, no one asked me.

There seems to be a high percentage of no N.B.A season, at least not this year. Without going in to too much discussion and taking sides, it's pretty disappointing. I hear a lot of people talk about the N.B.A players decision to reject the last offer, I talked to a couple of teammates who have played more than a couple of years in the N.B.A, while some take a natural side, one of them just said that he can't understand the players and they are just making a "dumb" decision as he calls it.

He says that the owners did give them some better options in the last offer and that he can't understand how they can reject that and gamble on their whole season and on the law suit in court, a law suit that they might end up losing.

I read a couple of column on ESPN , and a lot of them go back to the point of relativity, that while most people have to get a second job to make ends meet, the players are fighting and calling the decision that can reduce some of the players salary from 5.4 million to 5.0 million something that they can't accept.

I feel like most of the public on the situation, I mean I know that the players are trying to take care of the future generations, but I think that a deal should have been done, especially with the economy being as it is, but then again, I’m just someone looking in from the outside.

It’s going to be disappointing not having a season, not having games in the middle of the night to watch and feel a sleep in front of and not being able to see former teammates playing for their respective teams, but I guess that's life.

It will defiantly mean that more N.B.A players will come over and play in Europe. some might land in my team and some might land in my league or in our Europe competition, so it might be nice from that point of view.

During one of our flights a couple of weeks ago I had the chance to sit back by myself and think a little, I don't know why or how, but I started thinking about what would my perfect BF be like, since I don't have one to share it with and I can't really talk to my teammates and roommate on trips about it, I thought I would share it here.

So here goes nothing, I think looks wise It's a given, my brother always laughs at me about this, but I’m a fool for blondes, always was and always will be. My perfect BF would be blonde, 6'1 - 6'2, boyish looks, athletic body; I always like a little muscle on a guy, but just on the light note, not a body builder or something. I wouldn't mind a six pack, I would love a cute smile along with that boyish face and body, as I have found out I'm not into hairy guys, I would want him to be a couple of years younger than me, that's as far as appearance wise, we are all a little shallow in the end, aren't we?

As for character, I dream about an easy going guy, someone who loves just spending time together without having to do something all the time, just walking around ,taking a trip, going to dinner or to a movie. Someone that loves cuddling and just being with me, whether I feel like doing something or just spending a day indoors.

A guy that loves dancing, cause I have to admit that I do love it, a guy that can go out with me and just enjoy the music and dancing together, someone that won't flirt with other guys while we are out. A guy that makes compromises, because I do a lot for the people I love, even if it's something I don't necessarily want to.

Of course like most of us, I would love a guy that has a stable job and a nice income, so we can both enjoy the possibilities of life and we would be able to afford the things we want. But as my brother always tells me and makes fun of me on the matter, I’m destined to fall in love with a guy who is flat out broke, someone like an artist, a musician or anyone who is just scraping by while trying to do the thing he loves the most. If that happens, I can just hope I will be in a situation that I could take care of both of us, or at least help him out as much as I can.

I would love a BF that loves kids, that wants kids and can't see life without them. I know I can't see my life without kids and I would want someone who would feel the same. I would be happy if he comes from a loving family that accepts him, just so he will have more support and feel better, I’m sure he will feel better around my family, that I have no doubt will accept and love anyone that I decide to love.

It’s weird to say it now, but when the time comes I would prefer someone who isn't in the closet, a lot of the time it was hard for me when guys told me that they had a problem being with someone that wasn't out and that was keeping a secret. It was hard for me to understand that back then, but now that I know that I will live my life out of the closet I can understand not wanting to have barriers holding you from being out and honest and just living a normal life.

It would be a great thing to have a serious BF before I retire, I mean, spending time together with someone while playing basketball, having someone to really share what I feel, the good days and the bad days and everything around it.

It's funny, while I’m sitting and writing all this down I understand that BF might not be the right word, that I’m basically just talking about the guy I would love to spend my life with, more like my husband, even if I hadn't thought about it too much or that I’m not sure in general that I would like to get married, but the principle is the same.

I get a great feeling just writing about this, it's something that I didn't think about or couldn't express till last year, I mean it was always on my mind, but I think putting it down on paper, or the web to be more accurate just means it's something I see naturally, at least I hope so.

I know that in life I don't get exactly what I want, but if I could go into a shop and make an order, I think that's more or less the order I would make. Last summer when I met the guy that pretty much changed a lot in me, even if it was only two weeks, he was pretty close in some of the areas I mentioned. Again, it's just the type I think I’m most attracted to, but I also accepted that something’s aren't what I would want, but I know that there are always compromises to be made.

In the end of the day the sentence that sounds unreal is true in a lot of cases: "looks won't last forever", but other things, such as character and kindness and being able to give and receive love can last forever.

Enjoy the weekend.


  1. i want the same thing! very well thought out and written... hope things are goin well bud

  2. IMHO an important part of "getting along" has to do with how "opposite" we are from our partners--in personality characteristics. All things being equal, my experience (and it's in many books about personal relationships) is that when one is a first-born child (usually introverted, nurturing, and organized) and the other is a last-born child (usually extroverted, affectionate, and care-free), the best chances for a long-lasting relationship would be that match. This is one of the reasons that my partner and I have been together for close to 8 yrs. Of course, to us, a commonality of faith is the most important--by far. We've found that having similar, but not the same interests, is also important, but not vital.