Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tebow Time?!?

Hey everyone,

First of all I just wanted to thank everyone that commented or emailed me after the last post, it was really great hearing from you and it really made me feel that just posting what's on my mind is sometimes enough and that there doesn't always have to be something special behind it.

There was one comment that I wanted to respond to and that was the one made by Nick. First of all it's nice meeting you and the thing I wanted to say was that I didn't mean that the only need in a relationship is physical but just that it has to be there.

Without the sexual attraction, it's not never going to be a relationship that is based on love and passion. It might become a friendship, but I can't believe it can lead to a partner or a BF. Of course if there is only the sexual attraction and no common hobbies and no deeper things to share it's not going to become anything special, but I just think that the attraction is step one.

I wanted to talk a little about Tebow, if anyone is following football, well since he has been playing the team is 5-1 I think and basically winning every week. First of all I hate the fact that they are winning and to be more specific, I hate the fact that he is winning.

I usually don't use words like that, but his whole attitude with the family values crap, that judges and tells people what's OK to do and what's not makes me sick. More than that and I think of this in a sense of all pro athletes and their "relationship" with god.

While I'm not a believer, I respect those who do believe, HOWEVER, I have a big problem with athletes in all sports bringing "god" on to the court/field. I always say that if there is a higher existence is he really worried about those things, is he really dealing with how much a player will score or hit? I mean it just feels so shallow and unworthy to me.

There are so many "bigger" issues that for me question the existence of god and questions that I don't have an answer for. So I refuse to think that god has anything to do with a sports results or that being a believer effects the way I shoot the ball.

To believe that this mighty power will bless his believers by helping them have a good game or direct them to the right path on the court/field? for me it's just too much to take.

I respect everyone's believes, but for me to pry for gods guidance and help in something that is just a game takes all the value out of the real belief that people have.

It might be harsh, but when I see a player pray after a touchdown or thank god after scoring a goal that just makes me angry in sense and makes me think that those same believers devalue their belief, even if I don't believe at all.

Thanks again for the emails and comments and for being a part of my life.

Enjoy the weekend everyone!!!!


  1. Were it not for Tebow, I could actually cheer for the Broncos. They have Eddie Royal from my alma mater (Virginia Tech) and they have Eric Decker (total stud). I have disliked Tebow ever since I heard that he was doing a commercial with Focus on the Family (they're a completely homophobic hate group, though the commercial was about abortion) which aired during the Super Bowl the year. Pretty irredeemable.


  2. Thanks a lot for replying to my comment :) I totally agree that attraction is step 1. It's just that I'm now having trouble taking the second step. But then again, this guy I'm seeing is not that attractive. If he were more attractive, then maybe things'd be different.

  3. It's always bugged me as well when athletes thank God for helping them win. If he had a hand in making them win, then what the heck did he have against the other team to make them lose? Apparently God plays favorites . . .

  4. I definitely dont agree with his beliefs, but beyond that, his style of play is so fucking boring to watch. Watching them run the option as he completes 2 of 8??? No thanks.

  5. I too don't agree with his beliefs but I just find something refreshing about a player who celebrates playing and seems to get so much joy from it. It seems we hear more about players named Suh shoving heads into the sod and stomping on faces.