Thursday, April 14, 2011

Kobe's Slur

First of all, sorry for not writing for the last two weeks, just been busy times, a lot of games as we head to the last part of the season.

Before I start writing about Kobe, just want to talk about a couple of things that people commented on from my last post. As Cash wrote, I do believe that some of the players will talk differently when in a one on one situation, rather than being together with the rest of the team in the locker room.

Some of them are intelligent guys who I guess don't want to feel like they are not part of the group or not joining the bandwagon. Having said that there are also some players, just like some people, that are just homophobic and scared of the thought or the idea that they might know anyone who is gay.

When we talked, some players also said that they would look differently at their friends of they knew they were gay, even if they were lifelong friends.

I enjoyed reading and hearing what Sr. Charles (Barkley) said ( thanks to Robert), that was really nice to read about him supporting gay marriage and having a lot of gay friends, it was surprising and heartwarming at the same time, guess there was a reason I always respected him.

As for "Joe in Philly", If all the people that said things like that wouldn't be able to reproduce, we won't have many kids around, unfortunately I feel like making gay slurs or comments is a thing of society, and while on the one hand people are more cautious, a lot feel like it's a trendy thing and feel like "one of the guys" when they make comments like that.

Now for Kobe, I have no doubt that he is one of the greatest that ever played the game and I think everyone would agree with me, as for his comment, I think it's not in place and I know it bothers a lot of people, but I think that sometimes not everything has to be made into an issue.

I'm sure that in the heat of the game a lot of things are being said, not all of them caught by the camera. I know from my experience that a lot of times players curse, ,most of the times those curses don't have anything to do with the gay community, but just other peoples mom or sister or so on and so on.

I guess everyone is much more sensitive when this issue comes up, of course the fine he got was more to show what the N.B.A thinks about what he said, because as we all know this is not something that will affect his bank account.

I don't think that making a big deal of every small thing that happens and is "directed" towards the gay community is a good idea, life a lot of time holds bad things in it, and players and people curse a lot and do it in different ways. No one would jump up if he would say mother fucker to the referee or something like that (pardon my language)

We have to be sensitive of course, but sometimes been over sensitive gets the wrong result and maybe shows a sign of weakens in a way, I understand where it comes from, since there are people with an agenda against the gay community. Guess what I’m saying is that we need to find the balance between what's really important and what is just part of life.

Before I wrap up, on a different note, there is the show White Collar, don't know if you watch it, but the star actor on there is called Matthew Bomer, and I must admit, he is just hot, the rumor is that he is gay, I can just say that it's another accomplishment for us the gays :). I started watching the show and just wanted to share.

Enjoy the N.B.A playoffs.


  1. If that was a white player and he used the N word would people be as sensitive?? I think not..

  2. This might sound a little sick, but I'm actually glad that Kobe said what he said. If anything, because it brings the homophobia issue into the sports and popular media in general. I believe him when he says he said it "in the heat" of the moment. I just hope that this incident is not brushed under the rug and that people, especially those in the limelight, use it to educate our youth and try and eliminate all this hatred and bullying that pervades our society, especially youth. I really, really hope that Kobe makes a complete 180 and starts some sort of campaign against homophobia and homophobic behavior/language. Wishful thinking, huh?

  3. Well, maybe not so much wishful thinking. I just read on that Kobe apologized again today and is vowing to work with advocacy groups to "prohibit violence, to prohibit hate crimes." But why is he appealing his fine? Isn't that being a hypocrit? Shouldn't he instead add another $100,000 out of his own will to donate to GLADD or the HRC? ...C'mon, Kobe, you are as big a star athlete as there is in this world. Your very actions and words have the potential to make change.