Thursday, October 13, 2011

100 Posts and Those Republicans

Hey everyone, turns out today is my 100 post in this blog, like I said in the past, more than I thought I would ever get to, along with more followers than I expected.

I guess a lot has changed in those 100 posts, I have a lot of new email friends, I see myself in a different light and I feel different about myself, so i'm sure those are all advantages that will stay with me after I stop writing.

I do get the feeling that nothing is urgent anymore and that I rarely have something that I have to blog about or feel like is a matter of life or death, guess that's as normal as can be and might not be a healthy thing for my blog followers.

In the meanwhile I have used another email account I have to keep updated with advocate and websites of that nature. I find it hard to read about a lot of movements headed by republicans or just plain idiots that have the desire to repeal and reverse a lot of major decisions and actions that have happened and have increased our rights as a gay and minority group.

I'm sure that some of you reading this post have much more knowledge on the matter and could shed some more light on the subject, can any of the decisions/laws that have been changed be reversed again?

Could DADT, be enforced back into the army? could states that legalized gay marriage reverse that decision if the republicans take the congress seat in that specific state? It might sound like a very simple questions to most of you, but it interests me and I have to admit that I don't know enough on the subject.

Personally i'm not sure that I would get married and i'm not sure that i'm headed to the army yet, but it scares me that there is an option, if indeed there is, that things might change again in certain areas of the LGBT achievements as of lately.

In my day to day life, nothing exciting is happening in the moment, working hard, feeling good with myself and in full action as the season is here. We are all following the N.B.A situation and waiting to see what will happen.

I mentioned before that like most leagues in Europe we also have players in our league that have an N.B.A contract and will have to leave the second the strike is over, if indeed it will be over, it's interesting to see.

I also wrote about my friend that found out he his H.I.V positive, it's not been an easy time for him. I'm trying to help, but it's not easy all around, he's not very optimistic at the moment and it's my job to try to motivate him, which isn't always easy and I hate to say it, but sometimes is also hard on me.

It's funny that i'm already thinking about it, but I saw a great article about a city that I haven't visited yet and seems like a great place to enjoy my summer. So even though it's far far away, it's already on my mind, guess that's life.


  1. no help for the questions... but today was my 100th post as well! kind of weird haha hope your doin good bud

  2. If Congress wanted to re-estate DADT, it could, but of course it would have to be signed by a Republican President, which is not likely in 2012 (President Obama will be re-elected). But I dont think you should worry, because there would be riots and chaos if they every tried too.

  3. Congrats on the 100th post! Thanks for writing what you write, when you write it. We have had a few email exchanges and I count you as one of my friends, even though that is the only way we have communicated. I think about you a pretty good bit and just pray you are doing well. Thanks for sharing your life with all of us. It is appreciated.