Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Spreading The Word

Hey everyone, hope all is well.

I'm doing well, we have just had a couple of league games and we started off on the right foot, always nice to start the season well and always nice to get the practice games out the door.

We are all following the N.B.A story and waiting to see what will happen. It would be weird to have players from our league leaving suddenly, but I guess it's something everyone knows can happen, will it? don't think anyone really knows.

As for me, had a nice conversation with a childhood friend, who is still a good friend of mine. I have known him since he was eleven and we have both played basketball since we have been kids.

Granted we don't live in the same country anymore, we still try to meet up in the summer and he is genuinely a good person with a good heart. I wanted to tell him this summer and I was about to just as we were walking together down the street, but at the last second I didn't.

Anyway, yesterday I decided it's about time to tell him, we didn't catch each other on Skype, so we just exchanged text messages, which was weird. I don't remember myself ever just written to someone, hey buddy, i'm gay.

In the end I just came out with it, hahah, I wrote a couple of messages in general then just wrote : " I'l just write it, even though it's weird to do so. I'm gay. don't really know what i'm supposed to write after this, but it was important for me to tell you".

I didn't have a doubt in my mind that he would be supportive, I think i'm at the stage that it's pretty clear to me that the people that really care about me love me for the person I am and not anything else.

He was amazing, asked a couple of questions and was just great, said that of course he loves me and cares about me and what I do in the bedroom is my business and would never influence our friendship.

We talked some more about the way it influences my basketball career and how I deal with it and it was just nice. I wasn't too nervous before and it didn't change my world, it's just nice to have one more friend that knows about it, it's as simple as that, at least for me.

I don't think I will go and start telling all my friends now, but he is someone that I wanted to share the news with. There is no one that I really feel I have to tell right now, I mean it might be nice, but the important people in my life already know, so will see what the future brings.

I read that tomorrow is spirit day, so don't forget to wear something purple, it's a nice thing to do to acknowledge the LGBT youth and our opinion on bullying, something I have spoken and read a lot of articles on lately.

If anyone here is a baseball fan then I hope you enjoy the world series, I'm rooting for Texas, but why wouldn't I, it's still the team that brought us George Bush and we need to be thankful for that :)

Enjoy the rest of the week everyone......


  1. im sure you're rooting for them cause im from texas as well right? ;)

  2. Hey Guy - this is going to be a busy site day for you .... I found your site via a link at Henry Abbott's Truehoop on espn. Bookmarked it and will be back. I'm a 53 year old gay guy in DC. Never good enough to think about pros but love the game (some of my best memories involve playing or watching bball). I've been where you are now and want to assure you that it will, to coin a phrase, get better.

    Will be back but just wanted to "introduce" myself and say that I was moved by your story.

  3. Couldn't edit the above post but it was from Doug in DC.

  4. you will all burn in hell gaybos!!!

    Of course I'm gay too so let's light it up sistas! haha

    loud n proud baby! wooo!

  5. I am like you. On the low and only told 1 straight close freind 18 yrs ago when I acted on my urges. Working security at the clubs gave me more friends I can share my life with being free. Keep your faith in what you are doing. Tell only those who you want to know. Your life aint none of their business. I am a bgm named Hiram from Chicago.