Thursday, December 8, 2011

Jonah Mowry - YouTube Clip

Hey everyone,

Hope everyone is doing well, anyone excited from the CBA in the N.B.A and the season starting soon? I have to admit I’m kind of happy, will get a chance to see a couple of former teammates and also it always helps falling asleep late at night when I’m tired.

Also have to admit that I'm happy cause Van Gundy will be back, he is with no doubt my favorite analyst regarding basketball and he always makes me laugh, so that's also kind of nice.

As for me, I’m doing well, nothing special, just been traveling a lot for games lately. Not always fun flying in and out of different countries or cities and sometimes it doesn't really matter where you are, because you basically play and go back home, but that's part of the job.

It also has its nice moments, a big win on the road, being together with teammates that are also friends a lot of the time, just being able to eat all day, LOL, can't always complain.

I guess all of you saw the clip of the boy Jonah Mowry and if you didn't then this is the link:

It's very touching and sad and made me feel really bad. I have talked about if before, but I will say it again, I do have a soft spot for kids and it's hard for me to see someone suffer, especially on the count of being different, in this case gay.

I might relate more to this specific situation because I guess it was hard for me also growing up and in my first years of adulthood. Not because the way I was treated, but the way I treated myself in a sense, or the way I felt about myself.

Now this clip has had almost 7 million hits and it went viral very fast, I read the other day that he posted a different clip a couple of months after showing a different picture and now people are saying that the first video, the one I left the link to is fake.

His mom has stepped up to say that it's not and that it's really the way he felt , I don't know how many people are buying it and how many aren't, but I say : "WHO CARES".

I mean the kid deliverd a message of suffering and pain, a message that so many kids relate to and feel in their young and fragile life. There are so many kids being bullied or being hated for being gay or being different and Jonah delivered their message and their cry, it doesn't really matter in my eyes if it's real or not.

The suffering, the suicide and the heart breaking stories we read about everyday are real and are out there everywhere. Kids can be real cruel to other kids and a lot of the times don't have any boundaries, and just go all out to humiliate others and to make others feel bad because of their own insecurities.

So if 7 million people saw this message the rest isn't relevant, the issue doesn't need to be whether the video is real or not, but whether anyone is doing anything to help young kids, kids in pain and in dark places in their life. It's so sad to hear more and more stories regarding this issue, I don't know what the solution is, even though a lot has to come from education in school and from understanding that being different doesn't make anyone better than you ,but just different.

You can simplify things and compare it to ice cream: some of us like Vanilla, some like Chocolate, some like Peanut better, there are all different tastes and there is a place for every flavor in the store, in our homes and in our hearts. Everyone just needs to focus on the flavor they like and let the others enjoy what they like, without thinking one is better than the other.

I hope that all the LGBT organizations out there can change the picture and help the acceptance of the whole LGBT issue through the country, even if it takes time. I just hope the picture will get brighter for those kids who are suffering through life, because no one, especially not kids deserve to suffer for something that they didn’t even chose.

Enjoy the weekend everyone!!

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