Thursday, December 22, 2011

Holiday Season

Hey everyone, guess this is a good time to wish everyone a merry Christmas since we are only a couple of days away.

The holidays always make me think about families and spending time with our loved ones. I feel blessed with the family I have and I wouldn't trade them for the world, but sometimes it gets lonelier during the holidays, just thinking about someone from the past or someone that I would like to have in my future.

I wrote in my last blog about the birthday of the guy I met in the summer. I decided to write a short happy birthday on facebook, I wasn't sure if I would get a response and I haven't gotten one yet, but it's still middle of the day back in the good old U.S.A, even though I don't think I will hear from him.

I think about him from time to time, not too much, it would be nice to get to know him more, but that's life at the moment I guess and I’m sure that there will be more guys in the future.

I think about a daily routine of having a BF, even though I don't really know what to expect or to think it's something that I look forward to, just like every normal person does I guess. It's weird that most of my thoughts focus on my vacation during the summer and the short time that I have there.

I feel that sometimes I don't really grasp the notion that once I will be out, and it will happen at some point, vacation will be just something different, maybe site seeing, maybe some partying and fun, but it won't be where my focus will be.

I mean, at that point I will have a normal life, I would be able to date all year long, go to parties, enjoy myself and just live my life, no need for a special vacation, off season or anything of the sorts.

I do know that I really have no clue about relationships and anything of that matter and that I will have to find out on the go what's the things I want in a relationship and what the things I can handle are, and what things I can't.

I mean, on paper everything sounds good or bad, black or white, but until we or I in this case don't really experience it, I won't be able to tell. I feel this day is closing in on me and I know in my heart that it's all a matter of time.

On the other hand I'm really happy with basketball now, I just got a glimpse of how much I love this game lately, I think I fell in love with it again. I feel great and I just want to play all the time, practice all the time, lift weights all the time, whatever is needed.

Every year that goes by I get older, just like every person on this planet, well except Benjamin Button, the thing is I feel no difference with my body, I feel great and in shape, so maybe that also means that there are a lot of basketball years ahead of me, I doubt if I would stay in the closet for all of them, so It might get interesting.

Sunday the N.B.A season starts, it will be a nice addition to my life and I know that it will also be nice for a lot of the players playing overseas that always enjoy the chance to watch some basketball from back home.

Well, again merry Christmas and happy holidays to anyone celebrating any other holidays.

All the best and will meet again before 2012 greets us.

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  1. Have a great Christmas, a great season and a great 2012!