Thursday, February 11, 2010

Going Out

Hey again.

Before I move on to my next post , just wanted to say a small thing about my last one. I decided to leave the internet dating "world", not because of one or two bad experiences, but because I decided that it took too much from me and took my full attention from basketball, so It's just something I put aside.

This blog is mostly about my off season activities, since back home only my family and another one or two people (I will get to that soon) know, I can't go out in the off season and have to act according to everyone's expectations, I try to find a solution, even if it's a small one.

So basically what I do is simple, once the season is over, instead of flying home straight , I take a Detour, I give myself around ten days of living my other life as I call it. The way I go at it is really simple, each year I chose a different country that I have never been in before.

After I pick a place and I know that it has a gay life in anyway I just stop there on the way home, it's something I do almost year in and year out. Once I get there it's not that I start walking the streets with two guys with me or go and walk the streets holding hands with another guy.

What does happen is just me going out and having a good time, I try to go out every night and just dance, party, hit on guys and get hit on. I usually find the casual sex also, but that's not the main reason I do it, I do it to feel alive in a certain way, a different way than the way I live and feel during the basketball season.

Like I mentioned before, the best times I experience can come from meeting a cute guy and having a good conversion, having fun, laughing and just feeling the same as everyone else in the club/bar or where ever I find myself.

There is nothing like feeling wanted and not have too be shy about it, to be able to enjoy people looking at you and feeling free to check guys out and know that no one is judging or caring, that they are just like me and all the other people that usually come to gay bars, gay....

Of course I enjoy other things that the city has to offer, Also I try to relax and rest a little before I get back home and soon enough it's time to get ready for the season and try to improve my game.

The ten days or how ever much I get the chance to enjoy what the vacation and the city I'm in has to offer usually fuels me for the up coming season, and the next months of been a good boy and not playing with other people, and guys in particular,lol.

Of course I would have wanted it to be much longer and much nicer, meaning just go about my business back home and go out the entire off season, but I try to do the best with what the options are.

This small "heaven" is something that holds my head up high in bad days or days when I feel lonely or sad. I know my vacation and the life of my other personality is still possible, even if for a short time .


  1. It seems that you don't have much time each year to be yourself. But you are able to do what you love, so it seems to be the right decision for you.

  2. What vacations did you particarly enjoy and what stood out?