Saturday, February 13, 2010

Songs, Olympics And Everything Else

Well, it took me sometime to put up my first post this week, so I will try to stick to my twice a week program...
This post is mostly not related to me, but only my opinion on a certain matter.

First of all I will start with the winter Olympics, I'm a big sports fan, but somehow the summer Olympic always gets more of my attention, Even though I'm sure to watch the hockey competition and maybe other big events it just doesn't set the same thrill for me.

not having a chance to see a 10 seconds run that changes the world, or a swim meet that is just breathe taking sometimes, but then again, each one makes his own picks.

On a side note of the events itself, I started thinking last night about Georgian Luger Nodar Kumaritashvili, who died in a training accident yesterday, a guy who came to compete in the Olympics and fulfill his life dream just loses his life on such a tragic note.

I know that so many deaths can be prevented not just in sports but in general, but I guess those are things that will always happen and it's a part of our world. If I look at sports and think about myself and others I know it's just hard to comprehend a death like this.

When you play sports you feel untouchable at those moments, of course you can pull a muscle or be injured, but you never think that you might lose your life on something that is so natural to you.

I don't really know all the details about what happened, just heard that there were other complaints from other lugers about the track and it's safety. Better yet about it been not really as safe as those Olympic athletes felt it should.

I know no one could predict anything like this could happen, but it does give a bad feeling inside, even though I'm sure everyone just tried to make it the best track possible.

During the years there have been tragic deaths on the basketball court, football field, soccer field and in other sports too. Guess we Can only be sorry for that. Though when it's something medical it's really sad but usually no one could have done anything, but on a case like yesterday it's just plain tragic.

We all know that tomorrow something else will happen that will get our attention, cause life is stronger than us and everyday brings his good things and his bad things, can just say once more that it's always sad that those "bad" things happen.

I was going to talk about songs and the meaning that some lyrics have on us and on different times of our life, but since this post ran long, so I will get to that next week.

Enjoy your weekend Olympic lovers, hope you enjoy the Olympics, the rest of us will make do with the all star game.

P.S - I was asked what was the best vacation I had, well, I do remember one in praticlur, Again, can't say that it stands out because of sex or something like that, It stands out because I got the chance to meet two really cute guys in two days.

It was great. I saw the first one in a pub, we changed glances for sometime,then he came towards me or I came towards him, don't really remember, after a couple of minutes he told me he came with friends and he has too leave.

He said that he will be happy to meet up the day after, so we met up for lunch, it was pure fun, we walked the city afterward and you can imagine the rest. I went out the same night and saw another cute guy that I saw already at that pub, we got to talk a lot and he was a interesting guy.

Besides the looks he was smart and funny, so it was really awesome. we honged out together most of the night. It was a couple of great days, just because I got a chance to enjoy quality time with quality guys for a couple of days in a row, not something that happens too often.

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