Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Don't Ask, But We Can Tell

Hey Again

Like I say from time to time, it's not always easy to find a important subject to talk about or something worth while.

A lot of things happen everyday, some more important, some less, but I guess what happens to us is always the most important.

I always tried to notice how human nature is always stronger than anything else, I mean we are all devastated every time something horrible happens.

Whether it's a accident, a natural disaster or anything of the sort, but after sometime we just go back to our own life, our own "big problems" and forget about the other things that were just on our mind.

It's as natural as can be, I remember a lot of times that I thought to myself after an event like that just happened that something might change in me, or the way I look at things.

That it might get me to do something differently, but after a couple of days or just a couple of hours I go back to living my life.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that this is us as human beings, we live our life and anything that's related to us is more important than anything else.

I think this is basically the only way we can go on with our life, other wise we would be depressed and worried and trying to cope with every disaster and every injustice that happens in the world, guess there are just too many of them to handle.

On the gay subject, there is nothing new to report on my love life, JK, but I have been reading lately a little about the don't ask don't tell policy issue.

Without going to much into the policy itself which of course is also something for a long discussion, I can't understand the thought or the need to ban gay's from serving in the army.

I mean if they go into the line of duty and if they fight in wars along side other soldiers what the hell does it matter if they are gay or not?.

People are people and if someone is qualified to be a soldier, to fight along side others, to save life's and to be the one responsible for another man's life, how could it matter what sexual preference does he have?

Is anyone trying to say that if a guy likes other guys he won't be able to do what's necessary in the line of duty?. Won't be able to save a life if needed?

Are his sacrifices, his life that's on the line, his parents that will lose a son they spent their whole life raising if something happens not equal to a straight soldier's life? does his blood have a different color? does his family have different Morales? it's just that he has different sexual preferences and that's all there is to it.

No one can tell me or tell anyone for that matter that gay man aren't as qualified as straight man to be soldiers, to be fighters and to defend their country and their fellow man, but I guess like in many other situations stereotypes and dark opinions are the one's who lead the way in America of today or of the past years.

I read that around 13,500 people of been dismissed from the army on the grounds of being gay. I hope that president Obama will get the ball ruling on things and that changes will be made.

People that want to fight for their country should have the right to do so and to do it will not hiding their selves and who they are, they need to have the chance to be "Proud" soldiers, whether gay or straight.

Of course they don't need to worry that if someone finds out they will be discharged, instead they just need to have the right to chose how to live their life and who they want to share that life with.

The song this time just came up very quickly :)

A vacation in a foreign land
Uncle Sam does the best he can
You're in the army now
Oh, oh, you're in the army now

Now you remember what the draftsman said
Nothing to do all day but stay in bed
You're in the army now
Oh, oh, you're in the army now

You be the hero of the neighborhood
Nobody knows that you left for good
You're in the army now
Oh, oh, you're in the army now

Smiling faces as you wait to land
But once you get there no one gives a damn
You're in the army now
Oh, oh, you're in the army now

Hand grenades flying over your head
Missiles flying over your head
If you want to survive get out of bed
You're in the army now
Oh, oh, you're in the army now

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  1. The real hypocrisy is that if they want to keep you in the military, they will, even if you declare you're gay. It's not an automatic discharge. If the gays currently in combat zones all came out, I guarantee they would have to stay there fighting the war.