Saturday, September 11, 2010

Book Time

Well, another couple of days went by, can say I feel better with every day that passes. My legs feel better, got more air and getting ready to go.

My mind is sometimes a different story, I have my moments. Sometimes all I can think of outside the court is basketball and there are times when other things run through my head.

Guess it's not always fun to be someone that reflects a lot on what's going on. In my case maybe I reflect a lot of what could have been or could be if things were different, but i know they aren't.

I just got the chance to finish reading a book, called "Clay's Way", it's a book about two teenagers, both guys that are in a realtionship. One is sure about his feelings and not afraid to accept them , the other, is really afraid and not always willing to admit his true feelings.

It took me a very short time to finish the book. I got home from practice and started reading it until bed and did the same once more, before practice and after practice, don't think the book is a masterpiece or something, but this is more or less the first romantic story about two guys/teenagers that I read.

The story doesn't talk too much about what's going on around those two guys as far as community and everything, but this story also reminds me and I'm sure others that read it that a lot of a persons problems are from within, gay or straight.

I think that a lot of gay guys are homophobic, I mean, no one asked us if we want to be straight or gay and I think a lot of us have a problem accepting this and accepting ourselves, which brings us to be homophobic even towards ourselves.

Anyway, if anyone has any books that he would like to recommend, I would be more than happy, I guess I could find someone to get them for me.

On a different subject, I'm sure most of you heard about Stephanie Rice and her anti gay slur. Now I'm just as sensitive as everyone else and I don't like hearing those kinds of things, but sometimes I feel like not everything has to have the same reaction.

Of course it was something stupid and she got her punishment, but we sometimes judge people too fast, especially when there is the online life that doesn't have to much censoring on it.

I mean it's not like she was directing her comments towards a gay person she stumbled across, it was just something that was better left not said, and the fact that Mitcham defended her can only mean that he knows the real her.

Again, of course any comment like this is totally unacceptable, but sometimes I feel like people look too deep everywhere to find proof and show everyone how homophobic people are, when in fact a lot are and some aren't and I guess it's not going to change anytime soon.

When people direct their comments towards a individual or a community that's different, but when it's used like this, I feel that the picture isn't as black as some people color it. Of course that's only my personal look at this...

Besides that NFL season just started and I missed it, sure my team is going to be nothing more than mediocre, but I'm used to it.

If anyone wants to leave his favorite for winning this year, they are more than welcome.


  1. Everyone grows up in societies that bombard him/her with negative opinions and portrayals of lgbt people... or of any other group that's perceived to be "different" somehow. It's almost impossible for anyone to avoid internalizing some of the homophobic, racist, ethnic or religious prejudices that surround all of us 24/7. I think that just about every gay person has internalized some of the homophobia of society at large. The important thing is to recognize those prejudices when they surface and to make a conscious effort to reject them. It's very obvious though that many gay people have internalized huge amounts of homophobia, so it shouldn't be at all surprising when a straight person like Stephanie Rice makes a really offensive comment.

  2. Two excellent books are "Basketball Jones" by E. Lynn Harris and "Breathe" by Blair R. Poole. I highly recommend both. If you want me to send them to you let me know.