Saturday, September 18, 2010

One More Time

Hey guys

what's up? Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend, I'm doing OK, haven't been posting more then once a week. The truth is that I have both been busy and also the ideas don't come as fast and as easy after 50 posts. I'm guessing not too many people want to read about basketball and pick & roll, 2-3 zone and so on, but the things around.

I read a couple of small reports that talked about the locker room and the interaction with journalists, guess it might seem more revealing and more sexy then it really is. Usually everyone walks in while us the players are usually without a shirt at this stage already, but with pants or in worse case situation in a towel.

It's not like we are just walking around naked and everyone can chose to look at what ever he wants at the moment. Just thought I would put it out there for those who read any of those articles.

I'm going back to a subject that has been discussed here a lot of times and probably will be discussed many more times in the future, coming out while playing pro basketball. I know I mentioned this before, but I totally understand why no one comes out and why no pro athlete has done this in the last fifty years give or take a few.

I know that Amechi came out and Gareth Thomas and a couple of swimmers or gymnasts, but you never or at least I have never heard of a well known pro athlete that has decided to come out in the prime of his career,of course I'm referring to team sports and not individual sports.

Also, If you look at athletes that came out in college, I don't think there is one who moved on to the pro level, either by choosing not to or not being able to level wise, but that reason doesn't change the outcome.

I'm aware that I wrote this before, but sometimes I don't think that I grasp the situation to the fullest and neither do others. Of course there are enough gay basketball, baseball, football players, NONE of them are out.

I think I'm just making the point again that people don't understand how homophobic the world of sports is and how it's different from any other reality they know.

I sometimes hear comments from people that mean well and think that nothing will change if someone will come out, but I guess me and other athletes think differently. I also mentioned this before, at least I think I did, there is this "No Homo" expression that is used everywhere, it's not that I'm hurt or feel bad when I hear it, but it comes from everyone.

From the smarter one's, the more intellectual players, I guess in some point of view being macho and being in sports almost requires you to be homophobic.

This post hasn't revealed anything new or something that I haven't said before, but I'm just trying to emphases and deliver that message.

To the younger ones who are just starting their first steps in the sports world and happened to be gay, I can only say that there are a lot of us out there and while it's never easy, you can build a life for yourself and you can manage and be happy, you just have to be more cautious than others.

Like always, if anyone wants to ask anything, anything I can answer feel free.

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