Saturday, September 4, 2010


Hey, sorry for not posting lately, it's just been a busy couple of weeks.

Like every pre season we spend most of our time in camps or on the road at practice games and things of the sort.

Usually those trips involve sharing a room with another player, which is always nice, but it kills the privacy a little bit, since I don't exactly ask him for tips for my blog and if he wants to add anything.

This is the hardest time of the year, since we are never in the best shape in the beginning of the year which makes everything harder and a struggle, but like every year, in the end it gets better.

There are some more things I wanted to write about, but practice is calling and I'm about to leave the room, I will write again in a couple of days.

Enjoy your weekend...

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  1. Sharing a room?!? I thought that ended when college did... Hard to believe there's not enough $ for each player to have his own room. I should know...a decent hotel room in the EU is only around 80-100 euros a night. Sheesh.