Thursday, September 23, 2010

Down The Road

So, it's that time again, another post to deliver :).

I had the chance to receive an interesting email this past week, from a guy who stumbled across my blog.

Besides being a really nice guy he also has MS, a disease that from the little I know doesn't have a cure, and hits you without
a warning and basically changes your life, from your daily routine to other things that you might not be able to do anymore.

The most interesting thing was to hear from him staying optimistic, smiling and taking the best of everyday and what life has to offer.

Of course he has a lot of positive things in life and I'm not trying to say that the disease defines him or should prevent him from doing anything he wishes, I just admire the optimism and the beautiful look on life, his partner and his cute dog.

I guess a lot of times all of us go through life dealing with our little problems and after we hear about things like this we look at things differently. We give those things a couple of minutes and a part of our day, things that hit home harder than any small thing that bothers us, but I know that after those couple of minutes we go back to dealing with our life.

This is reality and we first of all and almost always look only upon ourselves, and I guess in some way that's what nature intended for us.

He also brought up a interesting question during our conversation, what would happen if I meet Mr. right down the road while playing basketball.

First of all, as for now, I'm not doing anything that might make that possible, so unless someone comes up to me in the street and wants to date me, then I think it won't be happening any time soon.

If I look farther away then surely it's a possibility, what would I do? that's a good question, I know it will be problematic since there is no way we could live together, since I don't see anyone thinking that a basketball player taking up a roommate is something that makes sense.

Meeting wise, I'm sure it will be OK and that's never a problem, but I know that it depends a lot of that person, cause I wouldn't be able to give him a lot of things. If that's going out together, been seen in public, acknowledging any kind of relationship, I know some guys are built for that and some aren't.

I have to admit that like anyone I do wish it would happen. I know that I put basketball above my personal needs in the romantic field, and I do wish I had company and do wish I had someone to share things with.

Maybe lady luck will through something at me, in the meanwhile I will try to enjoy the gift that I got and that's been able to play pro basketball.

I'm sure everyone is waiting for the weekend to start, so hope you have a good one.

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  1. MS is a horribly debilitating disease. I applaud those who choose to aggressively move forward with their lives inspite of the awareness that their nervous system will eventually betray them. Thanks to you too, JK, for reminding me/us that life is not to be taken for granted. BTW, love your blog! Ciao.