Friday, December 31, 2010

Here We Go Again

Hey to all my friends out there, before we talk about 2010 and the future that has yet to come, I just noticed that soon enough I will
be celebrating my own birthday, in around ten days this blog will be a year old. I didn't think it would last so long, but little did I know.
I will have more on that once the birthday is around the corner, you are all invited to the party.

Well, this last year has been a significant one to the gay community, with the latest news, the repeal of DADT that was for sure the event of the year.

Through the courts decision to decide against proposition 8, through small local events that happened all year long, along with President Obama true intent to help the gay community and their rights.

It really is a step in the right direction, I know and all of you know that there is still a lot more to do, but just the news and the fact that there is will to do things and change things puts a smile on my face. I hope the next move will be allowing gay couples to marry all over the country, well we have a whole year for that, don't we ?

I must say that even though I'm gay, I usually didn't spend to much time following those events and the events and the struggles of the gay community, thanks to this blog I meet some friends who helped me be more informed and helped me be on top of things, and for that I'm grateful.

I have been going through a process in the last years of my life, a process of accepting myself and living in peace with myself, even though I'm gay. I always admit that I'm not all the way there yet, but I'm a much better person and have a much better feeling about myself than I used to have.

I'm not someone who believes that every person that says something offensive towards the gay community should be stoned and hung. I don't think that every issue needs to be fought and every subject brought up to discussion, cause in someways we also want to be looked at as normal and part of the human race.

Gladly enough there were a lot of good fights that the gay community took part in this year and for this I'm glad, like I said, I won't be in the first line of the protests and I won't be carrying signs, but I will always be hoping.

In my heart I always carry with me the thought of young girls or boys, that there only sin in life is being gay. I always hope that the world will be a little brighter for them, a little better, a little more tolerant, I just want them to experience love and to feel good with themselves. I want them to be able to live life to the fullest, whether they live in the USA, Europe, Or god knows where.

I guess what I'm saying is that I just want them to feel they way that I didn't when I was growing up. The way a lot of other guys my age and older than me didn't feel when they were young. I know that we have ways to go, but that Innocent boy or that innocent girl deserve to be just like everyone else, to be young and happy just like any normal kid.

I know that being gay is different, I know it's not like everyone else, and in someway it's not the norm, but no one said that being different is wrong, that being different is not OK, that being different should get you punished in life.

I know the statistics of young girls and boys commuting suicide because of their sexual preferences and it breaks my heart, to read that More than 1/3 of LGB youth report having made a suicide attempts leaves me speechless.

There are so many ignorant people out there, that bully others and try to take their frustrations on others that sometimes its just too much to handle. I know I cant do much and that hurts me, I'm writing this and my whole body is shivering, sadly enough we live in a world that isn't far and that's the harsh reality.

I really wish there was something that I could do and I do think about it. Maybe if I do come out and even one kid that will understand that being gay doesn't mean you can't succeed in life and can't make your dreams come true it would be worth it, but for now It's just too much to lose.

It's disappointing to say, but there isn't been any change in the team sports area, I mean, no new gay comers or no stories that are pointing to a new direction, but that's life and I will deal with it as we move on.

Anyway, it's still a new year and we don't want to get all depressed. So I really wish everyone a happy new year, I hope 2011 will be great for all of you.
I hope that everyone will be happy in his personal life, that the gay community will continue to achieve new and great things for all of us. I hope that we will all meet here next year, happy and content with our own lives.

Just before I finish, I really ask from all of you to appreciate the good things in life, we are all ambitious and want more, but we can't forget what we have right now. Tell all those close to you that they are important to you and that you appreciate their presence in your life. For all of us who haven't found that yet, I hope 2011 will bring news in this department also.

I know that most of the readers don't comment on my posts and just read, but I would be happy if we could just wish each other a happy new year, I will be the first to give it a go, and I hope that you will follow me.



  1. Great post! It will be a long time before we are just seen as "people". Even those close to us, see us as "gay". However, like you say, show love to those closest to you. They are the ones that matter!

  2. Very touching post. Happy New Year!

  3. "In my heart I always carry with me the thought of young girls or boys, that there only sin in life is being gay." I'm sure you didn't mean this the way it came out, and i don't want to make a mountain out of a molehill. But we should do everything possible to avoid internalizing the anti-gay bigotry of society at large. We shouldn't think for a minute that there's anything wrong, sinful or immoral about being gay. It makes no more sense than thinking that there's something immoral or wrong about being left-handed.

    Wish you all the best for 2011- have a very happy new year!