Thursday, December 16, 2010

Party Time

Hey, Sorry it's been a while, busy times. But it's always fun to see that more people are following my blog.

I feel like I'm writing a number of articles about the gay way, following the last couple of posts, so today I think will be the last part of that, at least for now. I was thinking a little about clubs, Bars, well basically parties.

Again, I haven't been to too many straight parties so I don’t know enough on the subject from that point of view. However, I got my yearly couple weeks of partying. Not enough if you ask me, but what can I do?.

Anyway, I always get the feeling that a party is the place to let it all go wild, I'm sure in that in straight crowds the party is also wild, but somehow I get a different vibe in gay parties.

The crowd in the gay party, at least from what I have seen is made up of those who are out and just come to have fun and live there life, and those who are closeted or just out to some friends and come to have fun in a place no one will know them and they can be themselves.

It reminds me of me, lol, but yeah, for me I'm part of that crowd, a crowd which I think is a smaller part in the clubs.Take all those guys and all the people there and what do you get? Shirtless guys, lots of drinks, dancing and partying.

I must admit that like anyone else in my situation, I also find myself much more open to letting loose and behaving like a different person. I think what I'm trying to say is that during the parties and clubs, guys just do whatever they feel like, especially gay guys, it brings me to the same point and mindset, "if we are out and different, we can do whatever we want".

I'm not writing about it to say it's good or bad, but yet just different. I see the guys who make out and sometimes take it to another level on the dance floor. I might just be mistaken and maybe it's just like this everywhere. It's just a feeling I got and an impression I received from the parties I have been to.

That everything is more out there, easier to get, no restrictions and anything goes. I say, as long as everyone is up for it, why not. Sometimes being gay might let a person put aside the expectation of others, and just "do his thing".

Again, I'm talking about parties, clubs and so on, I know, and I know that obviously in the day to day life it’s a different story and much harder.

It’s a good thing that we have a place to go and just be ourselves and put aside what we should do in accordance to what society wants as to do.

All this talking about parties and clubs really makes me feel like a party and just going crazy on the dance floor, having 1,2 or 10 drinks and just have fun, lol.

When I go out I also do things I never that I would, again, nothing drastic, but making out with a guy, dancing with a guy, it's just crazy, good crazy. There were a lot of years I never thought it’s a possibility or I never thought it could happen, and it is happening, not enough, but enough to leave me with memories all year long.

I enjoy that part more than anything, the intimacy while still around others, dancing like crazy together with a guy I like, I don't know him enough to love him yet, but just enough to like him, to get a good vibe with him, to trust him and to just have crazy and simple fun.

Nothing is needed, no great restaurants, not fancy cars, not first class trips, but just that feeling of losing myself alongside somebody else while dancing to lady gaga (talk about hidden advertising) or whatever is on.

It's cheap ( unless you get wasted) but much more expensive than any pay check that I would or will get. I would be happy to hear any other opinions and though about the gay scene and the party scene

Enjoy your weekend and just go party, have fun and enjoy the chances you have to just be yourself.


  1. Thats cool that you feel like you fit in the gay community over seas. I'm sad to say not the same is true of me w/ the gay crowd in my city. Maybe its just the city... perhaps less athletic and masculine guys are out here. Idk
    Glad you had a good break

  2. I feel like an alien because this sounds like a whole new world to me. I've never been to a gay club, bar, anything in that matter. I would love to step out of my 'straight party scene' composed of sloppy fraternity brothers and slutty girls without morals and experience that type of party world.
    Although I would be scared to go because I have never been in an environment with more than two gay people before.