Friday, December 17, 2010

Follow Up Post


Woke up to see 2 comments, interesting once that I wanted to reply.

First to Jordan, I'm not sure where you are from, but I'm sure there are better places, just by the "sound" of your comment. I got the feeling that the town you are in is not one of the best known for their gay scene.

I don't want it to come around like everywhere I go is just amazing and every gay party has an amazing crowd or special people. There are all kinds of guys and each one likes different guys.

You will always find a lot of feminine guys in the partying scene, they are more outgoing usually and feel they can do what ever they want, and feel like that on the dance floor( which is great). There are also more manly guys and more muscular types, some with too much muscles, at least in my opinion.

Usually you can find a couple of guys that are right up your ally, and some guys who aren't exactly your dream date, but I guess nothing is perfect.

As for the Average Gay Dude, I wanted to email you with an answer, but I don't have your email, so that didn't work out. About experiencing something different.

I guess it comes with time and with a feeling of readiness, even though going to a gay place for the first time is terrifying, it's just something that you have to go through for the first couple of times.

When I went out for the first time, and I wrote about it in my blog, I would get so nervous it was unbelievable, more than any basketball game I ever played, more than anything I ever experienced.

But now, after I have had some experience I just go in there, with a heart bit that is just a little faster, but nothing serious. I'm sure that being around more than two gay guys at a time will take some getting used to.

I have been going out by myself 90% of the times I have gone out, sometimes there were creeps and weirdos that can hassle you a little bit, but you also learn how to avoid them, or just cut things short. basically what I wanted to say is that when you will reach the stage of going out, give yourself a little working room and put your brave hat on and just do it :) .

Last thing I wanted to say is that in the beginning, when I used to go out, I measured my evening on the scale of : getting hit on, getting a yes answer from other guys or finding a guy to end the night with.

As I continued to go out I became wiser, I promised myself to hit on at least two guys that I like each night, doesn't matter if I get a yes or a no, I also promised myself not to be as nice as I usually am, It might sound nasty.

I decided that if i don't like someone who approaches me I can just move on, I don't need to be nice to the whole world. Last but not least, I promised myself to dance, to drink, to enjoy myself and that's the bottom line.

Not every crowd was amazing, not everywhere did I see guys I liked, but almost everywhere I decided to enjoy myself and oddly enough, it only takes one to make that happen...

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