Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Stigma

Well, almost another week has gone by and practice is still intense, and hard, just like any pre season.

Wanted to start by thanking Robert for his comment on the last post, thanks for sharing the information. I sent the website to my friend. I'm sorry of course to learn that you have AIDS and I hope as you said that things are manageable and that things are at bay.

I can only agree from the side as to the stigma being one of the biggest issues around the whole disease, I see how my friend is feeling and how he is worried about the influence and what will happen if people found out.

I can only try to offer my support, try to make him take unpleasant decisions if needed and just try to help him manage himself to a certain point.

We all have to admit that our first instinct is to take a step back when we hear about something like this, but after that, I at least feel that not everything in life works the way you want it and being sick doesn't make anyone a worse person, so he deserves more support and less judging.

Lately I have been reading more gay websites and on the gay issue in general. I stumbled across an article on the advocate by Michael Lucas who is apparently a gay porn star, It's an interesting read.

He talks about the way negative gay guys behave or act around guys who are HIV positive. Also he basically says something that in least in my opinion or at least for the way I'm living now, which is mostly meeting guys on vacation, is correct.

Just assume everyone is HIV positive, always wear a condom and just be safe, that's my motto at least. It sounds a little harsh, but I have to agree that a guy that you meet at the bar or at a party, or some of you on the internet, is not exactly someone that you should believe everything he says and that includes if he is HIV positive or negative, and to a degree, just better safe than sorry.

I don't think it's a perfect solution and the condom can always break and there can be 101 bad scenarios, but this is life and that's some of the risks in life. Just as we can all do the right thing and still get hit by a bus or god forbid be in a car accident, we can't control everything, we can just try to minimize the chances of something happening.

If anyone wants to take a look, this is the link to the article :

On another note, I saw the YouTube video of the soldier coming out to his dad on his blog and via Skype. It was very touching and very real, was really moving when his dad told him a couple of times that he loves him no matter what. I always get very emotional when I see those sorts of videos and this time wasn't any different.

Finally, I saw online a nice billboard ad that in Memphis, showing a Soldier soluting and the caption reads : " I'm gay and I protected your freedom". Got to love it don't you? always nice and always touching to see those kinds of things.

It's great that it's out in the open, because gays always have been and always will be a part of the day to day life of everyone in our world and it's about time that people knew that and accepted it, at least that's what we can all hope for.

On a personal note, I met an american guy overseas once, he was cute and gay, I think I might of mentioned it. He was gay and out and his dream was to be a pilot in the air force, but he couldn't since he was out. I think about him every time I read about DODT and this week I can proudly smile that he got his chance now, what will happen no one knows, but sometimes all we need is just a chance.

Enjoy your weekend as always and for any of you following baseball, what the hell??????

Is the Red Sox and Braves melt down real? just couldn't believe it, but i'l give my take on it the next time.

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