Sunday, January 17, 2010

Between Winning and losing

Hey Again

It's been a nice weekend,got another W last Thursday and I have been in good shape lately.Always a good way to enjoy the weekend,sitting at home and smiling at a job well done. As time goes by I'm always reminded that basketball is just like life,you can find yourself at the bottom real fast,which just means we need to take it a day at a time,or in my case,each game is a whole new beginning.

The truth is that when I began writing this blog I wasn't sure how I'm going to feel about everything,but I really am happy I did. Besides letting some stem out I also found a new world ,the world of the blogger.

I have had the chance to follow Mikey the hockey kid blog,and can only say I'm really impressed with the way he shares his life and the courage he has at his age. I also read john's blog,the semi closet dude,and it's really interesting and really authentic,hats off to both of them.

I also appreciate the emails and the comments,i must say that even though i chose to put one side of my life on hold I'm still happy I'm this fortunate. Having the chance to be playing bball and making a living out of it,it's just pure joy. Not saying I wouldn't be a lot happier to also have a chance to meet guys and stare at hot guys on the street or just start a conversation,but i guess we can't have it all.

On another subject,A book i read some time ago came to my mind last night,The man in the middle,John Amaechi's book, Must say I read it in just a few short days,it's always good to hear of more gay athletes. Since reading the book I really lost any respect I had to some of the characters in the book and some that made comments following it. It's so appropriate that the book is sitting in my closet,so any friends coming to visit won't see it. Would be happy 2 hear of any interesting books that someone has read and he recommends.

I also saw the movie Latter Days,I tend to get a little emotional in those kinds of movies.Besides the really cute guys i felt the story was heartwarming and also was happy they had a happy ending. I think it just really brings up my feelings and my wishes and that's why it was easy for me to relate to it.
Saw some other gay movies,but none of them moved me to much,that putting "Milk" aside.

I think i will call it a day and go watch the last quarter of the Jets and Chargers,after the Vikings Killed the Cowboys it's nice to see a tight game

have a good one.....


  1. "Latter Days" was an enjoyable movie. There seem to be many gay ex-Mormon bloggers, and some "GMBs" (gay Mormon boys) here as well.

    Glad that your game went well.

  2. great to see someone else who's not afraid to make the choice you're making. i'm in a situation similar to you where i'm semi-closeted for career purposes. it feels like there are so many people who judge that and don't respect your ambition to do something you're passionate. it also seems like so many closeted guys, gay or bi, end up constantly beating themselves up over the tradeoff. it's refreshing to see someone who feels good about their choice, and that it's working out.

  3. Thanks for blogging.
    It is a refreshing read. We've all been there in the closet!

  4. Hey there, I guess I'm reading this backwards. One good book I read was by a major league baseball umpire who was closeted and gay. He even hooked up with a few players. you can check it out there. I have a copy still and you could probably buy it at

    Another book is by a former Major Leaguer, Billy Bean. I have that somewhere as well. Good read. It's "Going the Other Way: Lessons from a life in and out of Major League Baseball.".

    Gay movies I liked were one called "Shelter". I liked it a lot, and watched the whole thing is "parts" on You tube. I also liked a movie called TRICK. MAMBO ITALIANO was another gay movie that was good.