Saturday, January 9, 2010

Getting Started

Hey everyone:

Making my first steps as a blog writer, as u could of guessed from
the title of the blog I deal with basketball. I’m a pro basketball
player and a gay guy at the same time, something which people don’t
easily accept in our world.

After many years in this business and many years of putting one
side of my life on hold, I decided that the least I can do for
myself and others is to share a little of what I’m going through
since it doesn’t look like I’m going to be coming out any time soon.

I’m mostly doing it to hear from other people who go through
similar things or to help those in doubt of what to do in a
familiar situation.While not playing in the NBA,I'm lucky enough to
have a successful career overseas.The basketball buzz here Is
quite big,a lot of games on TV, shows and discussions.

Can’t say it’s not fun been recognized and having a packed crowd
yelling your name and cheering for your every move (of course as
long as u don’t miss a shot, travel, or get scored on), being asked
for your signature after games or having kids want to take pictures
with you.

Of course the questions of having a girlfriend or if girls try to
hook up with a bball player always comes up, and it’s always hard
and tiring to find new stories, But at least I can continue and
develop my imagination every time I’m asked, Since I can’t exactly
ask every girl that stops to talk to me if her brother happens to be
cute and good looking.

Schedule wise, everything revolves around the basketball.
Like most teams I played on and heard of, we practice around 7
times a week as a team, we also lift a couple of times as a team.
Of course the most interesting part of the week, is the games,
something me and every basketball player just waits for, through
most of the year we have a busy schedule so basically there is
no time left for too many things.

Well, I guess it wouldn’t be a shock if I tell u that it’s time for
practice. Until the next time.

P.S : My email is, feel free….

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  1. Hey Baller,

    I tried sending you an email, but it sent me a delivery failure.... Do you have another way to contact you?