Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Equal Race

Well, there is a lot to do and not a lot of time to do it, so let’s start, I sound very busy ah ? LOL.

Before I write about what I had on my mind, I will just reply to the comment by vah4bm, asking how I know that other players are gay and why don't I try to connect with them. So, I will make it simple, in the sports world there are always rumors, you play in one country and then the other and in the end everyone knows everyone.

I have to say that none of those players ever told anyone that they are gay and some might deny it, but when too many stories are heard, usually there is something to that, but just to explain, I would never be someone that judges people based on stories, but I just know that a couple of them are right in this case.

Why haven't I said anything? Cause those are players who I play against or see once or twice a year. Now they have their own life and agenda, I don't know what they feel and how they go about things, maybe if I will tell them they will deny it and decide to tell others that I told them I’m gay or something of the sort. Again it's not likely, but in this business I see no need to put myself out there for no reason.

I mean, so if I tell them? What will happen? We won't start to see each other anymore, because we are busy, ok so if everything works out great I might have someone to vent to, but I don't really think it’s a wise thing to do. Those who are closeted like me, for sure will not want to show that the stories are right. I have to admit that even if someone came up to me and told me he is gay and such and such I don't know how I would react, I mean it’s hard to think about, so I must be honest and tell you that I don't know in advance.

As for our flavor of the day, I had a totally different idea in mind, but I will post that up next time. I was reading a little about all those gay fan nights NBA teams are having, as anyone ever been to one of those? I like the idea, doesn't really matter in my opinion how many people show up or not, but just having teams try to approach fans and tell them they are welcome no matter what.

Again it might be from the stand point of getting more revenue and more fans and such, but I like that teams are trying to show that it's ok to be different in a sense and that sports or anything is not a game that discriminates between different races and such.

On the same level, I don't want to say that the NBA or sports teams in general were or are racist in any matter, but if you take the color issue there is defiantly a problem, but also a big change. I haven't done a research about how many black players are in the NBA, but I have to say that they present the mass majority on any team, well almost any NBA team.

If we look 10 years back to the amount of NBA coaches that were black, and I mean head coaches, had to be so not in sync with the number of players out there. I mean how can there be so many black players and so few black head coaches. it’s great that now the NBA has eleven, at least to my knowledge, black head coaches, I mean the sports is ruled mainly by blacks.

I’m not saying that in a bad way, the superstars and the big hitters are usually black and if they are good enough to play they are also good enough to coach, and I think Doc Rivers and others do such a great job that it shows that color doesn't have to be in issue. Other sports? I guess there is much more work that needs to be done there.

Also managerial wise there has to be a lot done and all sports, including the NBA. I think that the improvement in the NBA in this case can refer back to gay nights and what i was talking about. it seems like things are moving forward and decision are being made basically on abilities and not on other issues that we all wish weren't part of our life’s, both in sports and day to day life.

A person is just that, a person, black, white or yellow, let him be judged by abilities and not by color, and that's all I have to say

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  1. The odd thing about the NBA and ethnicity/skin color is that are pretty large numbers of European players now. It seems that there are more European than white American players in the NBA and i'm not aware of any good explanation for this.

    Btw, i deliberately didn't use the word race because i don't think it's a useful term. All Asians aren't the same; all Africans, Europeans, etc., aren't the same and there are millions and millions of people with mixed heritage.