Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Special Trip - Part Two

Hey Guys, here is part two of my story.

The following morning came and I went on a little trip, shopping and just enjoying the attractions that the city has to offer. I texted him later on that I'm out and about and what time does he want to do dinner, so I will know to be ready.

I was surprised to get an answer, we set up a date and a place to meet and I promised that me and my closet will be there. He mentioned that he has something with his friends later and that he will have to go to that.

Anyway, we went on a date and we went to dinner, I was excited and nervous at the same time, but things went well and it was good food and a good time. After that we went to his apartment, so he could get dressed and get ready for the party.

We talked and just as about we were headed out the door and he closed the lights he came up to me, kissed me and we left. I walked him to his friend's apartment and even gave him a kiss before I left, mind that that it was on the corner of the street, maybe one of you took a picture, or maybe not, LOL.
He told me that he would call me after his dinner to see what's going on and if we want to meet up again.

I went back to my hotel in a good mood of course, and waited, he didn't call and it was getting late so I figured it won't happen. I tried getting him on one of those bbm things, but no response, so I went to sleep in a bad mood and was sure that it was that.

The day after I decided to give it another go, I said, I'm here on vacation anyway, what's the worst thing that can happen? He will say no? And I will go back to my life knowing I tried.

I told him that it was great seeing him again after all those years and that I would like to spend some more time with him in the next couple of days, but I would be happy if he will tell me in advance so I will try to do different things on my vacation.

He said she also had fun and he would also like to hang out some more, but he also needs to spend time with other friends, who he made plans with, I told him, I don't expect him to spend eight hours a day with me, but there is a time for everything, in the end we decided to talk later and see what happens.

He texted me later that night if I'm up to anything and if I would like to meet up, and of course I wanted to, didn't need be a rocket science to answer that one. So we ended up going to the movie, which was actually nice and funny, on the way in he expected me to kiss him, but that wasn't going to happen, since, well, since…

After the movie we walked back to his apartment, talked a little and headed straight to sleep, wow did I sleep bad, I thought he was going to kill me at some point, I was nervous I think, I didn't stop moving and he got up every second, also I'm a little bit bigger than the average person, so it didn't help matters.

Stopping here for a second and leaving the time table. I want to explain a little bit about the feelings I had in those same days. I never had those kinds of feelings before, I'm sure you probably did, it was all great and lovely when we were together, but when I was alone I was just going crazy. I think I realized that I’m starting to depend on him too much.

I mean I know I have a tendency to fall for those guys who are, well, for a lack of better word, teasers. The guys that will always make you run around them and work hard for everything and will always send mix signals, just to make sure you continue chasing them and letting them have that feeling that they are important or help their self confidence, since they can’t get that from there selves.

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