Sunday, March 28, 2010

TV And The Real World


During the weekend I had sometime to sit down and watch some of the NCAA tournament and what a tournament it is, with so many quality games, so many upsets and surprises, it's the best any basketball fan can wish for.

Watching it started me thinking about TV and it's relationship with the gay community or the gay world, I'm not old enough to remember the 70's and parts of the 80's, but I know that the 90's and this last decade brought a different approach to the word gay and everything around it.

If I take will and grace which started in 1998 and was very successful, and was really a great show with a wide audience , or I can take Ellen's show which she eventually came out in. I think shows with a gay main character was around, but not in the way that it is today.

Basically I think that a lot of shows have taking a different attitude, nowadays a lot of drama's and a lot of shows have gay relationships, gay affairs and characters that play a gay role and do it on a regular base.

I might be missing a lot of shows and maybe not correct in every word I say on the subject, but I feel that it's becoming something that is taking more lately, in the meaning that it's just another relationship on a show and in a story. I would like to say, just like a straight couple but I think it's still not there.

I also believe that the wide audience has learned to accept it more openly and to see it as something that is a part of day to day life, even though it's just TV, I do believe that it has an effect on people and on teenagers that watch the shows.

I believe that those shows can deliver a message a big part of the time, telling others that it's fine to be gay, that it's normal to be gay and that there are others around, and maybe even that can bring some peace of mind to those who need it.

I'm not lying to myself, of course I know that there are still a lot of homophobic shows, or shows that tend to the situation in the wrong way or try to bring gays out not as equals, but I believe that any movement forward is a blessed thing.

On a personal note, when I watch a gay couple on TV, it always feels so real to me, maybe it's because it's something I want and maybe cause sometimes, me and others can make the separation between just a character and real life.

A lot of times I wish that I could meet that great looking guy or that great looking couple, even forgetting for a moment that it's just an actor who 99 % of the time isn't even gay. I guess wanting something so bad makes you think and wish things that aren't always reality.

On a Different subject, when I started this blog, I looked to find people to talk to and to share my thoughts and hear what they have to say, I'm happy to say that with every post and every day that goes by, I hear more from people and I get the chance to talk to others, to share my feelings and hear there own feelings, and I must say it's great!!

Got to finish on a optimistic song after a post like this, I could save this song to the day I retire and move on to my other life, but I'm in a good mood, so It's as good as time as any :

There's a new me coming out
And I just had to live
And I wanna give
I'm completely positive
I think this time around
I am gonna do it
Like you never do it
Like you never knew it
Ooh, I'll make it through

The time has come for me
To break out of the shell
I have to shout
That I'm coming out


  1. Great post man! Totally true about gay characters on TV. At least things are getting better with that. This past week on MTV Real World DC they have a housemate whos Bi and has BF. First the housemate told his family and had success but his BF went home and didn't. Sucks and coming out is hardest part ever with different people your around.

    Ya awesome March Madness games! Big upsets. Hope your basketball is going well. Hope is well and you will find that guy soon!

  2. Solid post man! What a diverse group of final four teams. Should make next weekend very interesting.

  3. Great song! Real, real good,