Monday, April 26, 2010

Mikey The Hockey Kid


Just wanted to post a small response to the whole Mikey story

I'm sure that all of you have heard about Mikey the hockey kid's blog, a blog that fascinated a lot of readers and a lot of kids and teenagers to follow and to identify with him.

He got a lot of teenagers to feel like that they have others to trust and count on and that they aren't alone, sadly enough I just read that odds are that Mikey was a hoax.

It's very hard for me to read it, and to think about a man in his 40's that is taking advantage, even if only mentally of young and venerable teenagers that look for role models.

I guess that the world isn't what it needs to be and a lot of times people have their own agenda and they don't care about anyone else. It looks like this is one of those cases, again, if this is really the case.

It was important for me to write this and to say something about myself, I'm not here to convince anyone or to try and make people believe in me and my story.

I just want to say that it took me a long time to be able to get to a situation that I'm sharing things with other people, my thoughts and the things I hold dear and never thought I would tell anyone, I can't prove to you that I'm who I claim to be, I will say it with the simplest words, I'm GAY and I play PRO BASKETBALL

I have heard from a lot of amazing people through out this journey, people that I enjoy to hear from and to read their emails, I can honestly say that it's been the best part of this blog and i just wish it won't change...

I can also add another blogger response to the Mikey's issue :

Take care...

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  1. I'm a true believer, bguy. I'm confused about mikey but i haven't lost all hope.

    by the way, there was an article in the SF Chronicle about the NBA's 'D' (development) teams. Here is the link:

    What do you think about them?