Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Moving On


Before I get started Just want to mention that I was asked by 365gay.com to answer a couple of questions about my blog and my life, so if anyone feels like reading it, the link is : http://www.365gay.com/blog/040610-a-gay-basketball-player-talks-from-the-closet/, hope you enjoy it.

On other matters, I'm really happy to say that I have been receiving a lot of emails, from a lot of different people and a lot of different subjects.

First of all it's great to have people read and enjoy my blog and feel that they can relate, but mostly it gives me a great feeling to hear from others out there, from others that are gay and are battling similar situations like mine. Not in the meaning that they play ball, but in the way that they also can't or have trouble living out their true identity.

I read the other day about Chris Kenyon, a wwe wrestler that came out after he retired and most likely committed suicide. I haven't heard of him before, I was trying to wonder if in someway websites and journalists have a tendency to put the sexual issue in to play only when it has to do with a gay person.

I mean I don't usually read that someone, even if its someone famous that committed suicide was straight. I don't know why it's like that, and maybe it's just a personal feeling I have, but I don't see the relevance of the matter in most cases.

I figure that a lot of times the websites and papers look for that, to find out who is gay and who might be, because in a matter of speaking it can be used as "dirt" against someone. If they find out someone is gay, a lot of times they are tempted to let it be known, they want to have their scope. I think that it reflects poorly or better yet just symbolizes how most people look at the gay culture or at a gay man, not as equal but as something worth hiding.

Besides that, I have had the chance to hear from people that either work for the gay games or are heading out to those games, It's something that sounds so cool and I'm really jealous in many ways. We can leave aside the sports, who cares about that, LOL, I want to see a lot of hot guys, that work out and don't have shirt on, or if they do they can always take it off. Being more serious it sounds somewhat like gay pride.

I have received a lot of emails on the subject of gay pride and I understand that most people see it as a chance to get a lot of different kinds of gay groups together, as a chance for the community to come together, meet different people and just enjoy the presence of each other, I guess in many ways the gay games is the same.

On the one hand you can say that anyone that is gay can just take part in the regular Olympics, because being gay doesn't mean being less of an athlete. On the other side,it is a chance to compete where everyone out there is gay, and a chance to enjoy much more than just the games, but all the things around which are probably most of the fun.

Can't go without writing a little about the finals last night, I really wanted Butler to pull the upset off and win it, sadly enough it was close but only that, they did an amazing thing and played a heck of a tournament, I wonder how they most be feeling, also to think that the chances of repeating a season like this are slim to none.

Baseball season also started a couple of days ago, for a sports fan like me it just means more games to catch on tv and enjoy. interesting to see who will win it all, the only thing I can say, is that I hope it's not those damn Yankees :)

Instead of a song , I will leave you with a nice poem I found for the beginning of baseball season :

Our baseball team never did very much,
we had me and Pee Wee and Earl and Dutch.
And the Oak Street Tigers always got beat
until the new kid moved in on our street.

The kid moved in with a mitt and a bat
and an official New York Yankee hat.
The new kid plays shortstop or second base
and can outrun us all in any place.

The kid never muffs a grounder or fly
no matter how hard it's hit or how high.
And the new kid always acts quite polite,
never yelling or spitting or starting a fight.

We were playing the league champs just last week;
they were trying to break our winning streak.
In the last inning the score was one-one,
when the new kid swung and hit a home run.

A few of the kids and their parents say
they don't believe that the new kid should play.
But she's good as me, Dutch, Pee Wee or Earl,
so we don't care that the new kid's a girl.

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  1. I am tottaly jealous of the people who are doing the games too! It seems like a full on party with a bunch of athletic people...sounds like my kind of party. I also agree with you on wanting butler to win! atleast it was a really close game and an exciting one to watch.