Friday, April 16, 2010

NBA Playoffs


Wanted to put up a short post in for the NBA playoffs that start tomorrow. I'm waiting for this, because first of all there are going to be a lot of really interesting games and match ups, and also this is the team that the basketball gets much more interesting to watch.

I don't want to go on and on about the games and what I think, so I will just give my opinion of the playoffs and the match ups in 2 sentences and who I think is going to win, and basically make a small bracket out of it.

It will be cool if any of you reading the blog will post your bracket and your winners and in the end we will see who wins it all, the winner gets a mention in the blog, hahah....

The West
Lakers- Thunder - the defending champs against the most surprising team of the season, I thought that the Thunder might win a series, but not against the Lakers, even though they don't look good lately. Too much experience and Kobe and Gasol, hope Durant will get some playoff experience for the future,
I say Lakers in five

Dallas - Spurs - A great match up, Dallas is looking strong, and Butler and Haywood just made them stronger, I don't think the Spurs will keep up with Dallas, but with Ginobli and Duncan they won't go down easily, and for sure will make a series out of it.
I say Dallas in six

Suns - Blazers - the suns are still playing their up tempo game with the never ending Nash at the point, the Blazers another surprising team, after they suffered so many injuries, including Brandon Roy a couple of days ago, will be surprise if this goes more then six
I say Suns in six

Nuggets - Jazz - for some periods the Nuggets looked like a strong candidate to win the west, but I think not having their coach will hurt them, I still see them making it through against the Jazz, that are always consistent during the season, but also have a couple of injuries.
I say Nuggets in six

The East

Cavs - Bulls - The bulls had a nice run and clinched the 8th place, Lebron got his rest and is ready to go, I don't think Chicago will have to much influence on this series, the Cavs are just to strong for them
I say Cavs in five

Magic - Bobcats - The bobcats are making the post season for the first time, a nice and young team, but won't be able to match up Dwight Howard and the rest of the Magic players, will be surprised if it goes for more then five
I say Magic in five

Hawks - Bucks - I thought it would be a very close series, but I think Bogut getting injured is just to much for the Bucks who had a great year, the Hawks just have too much talent, and are becoming a regular team in the post season.
I say, the Hawks in six

Celtics - Heat - I think the most interesting series of the playoffs, the Heat have been solid all year and played great in the last stage of the season, the Celtics are hanging around, but haven't looked convincing during the season, I think this will go to seven games.
I say, mmmmm, the Celtics barely in seven.

I see all the home teams go through the first round, even though in the west I think the first round will be closer then what the east will bring to the table.

Second round

Lakers - Nuggets - Not too much to say, if indeed this is the match up it will be close, I don't believe the lakers are as good as last year, and well Denver, it depends also if George Karl will make it back, last year it was an almost, this year I will go for the surprise and say Denver.
I say Denver in seven

Mavs - Suns - A interesting offense show down, I think Dallas is a better all around team, the suns are lacking a big man besides Amare, and since Dallas don't have a big guy also, I think that they have less weakness to hide in this series, I will go with the Mavs
I say, Mavs in six


Cavs - Celtics - great match up, even though I think that the Cavs are going to have it easy until the eastern finals, I think the Celtics aren't good enough to take them in a series.
I say Cavs in six

Magic - Hawks - another good match up, the hawks have a lot of talent, but I don't see them match up with the Magic and dealing with Howard.
I say Magic in six

Conference Finals

Mavs - Nuggets - Don't think a lot of people expect this to be the finals, but what the heck, if I get it wrong no one knows who I am anyway, I will go with Nowitzki and company on this one
I say Mavs in seven

Cavs - Magic - the Magic stunned everyone last year and won the series, but more surprising was that they just played far better basketball, I don't think this will be the case this year, I will go with Lebron.
I say Cavs in Seven


Cavs - Mavs - Well, again, don't really know who thinks this is going to be the finals, but will give it a shot, I think Lebron is going to get his first ring, the only thing that I'm not sure about is their coach's ability, but we will find out.
I say Cavs in six.

I feel like I took a gamble here, but that's all the fun, will be happy to hear everyone else and their opinion and ideas.

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